Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Raspberry Sign

Shannon Carter, a good friend, is always trying to find a restaurant, in the area, which she visits before we do. She called last weekend and asked if we had ever been to "Rima's Diner" 2520 Hazelwood Drive, Crescent Springs, KY 41017 (859)331-6444. Having admitted defeat I set out to find more about Rima and her diner.
I knew that it was somewhere near CVG (Greater Cincinnati International Airport) and so on Thursday, when I was picking up a friend from the Netherlands, I decided that "Rima's" would be good for a late lunch and a reintroduction to the Midwest for our Dutch friend.
I phoned, introduced myself to the owner, and got specific instructions, on how to find the place: Exit I-71, I-75 at the Buttermilk Pike exit,( head North), go to McDonald's( you'll see the arches) and look for the big Raspberry sign right across the street.
"Rima's Diner" can best be described as "down home". It is clean, but has a homey worn look and exudes friendship from all involved. From Rima to the server to the cashier I quickly became "Joe".
Since we were there around 2 PM, and planed drinks and dinner around 6, we decided to split a burger and fries, for a taste, but not filling meal. We chose the deluxe burger with "crazy sauce" and asked that the fries be "well done". Rima suggested a full order of slaw and we were glad she did. The slaw was wonderful, crisp, tangy and terrific as a compliment to the burger and fries, which came as ordered.
The crazy sauce is a thinned horseradish cream sauce which adds a delightful "bite" to the burger and its grilled onions and mushroom toppings.
As I mention we had planed to "eat light" but Rima insisted that we try her strawberry cake and so with our half portion each she added a small sliver of her coconut cake. Both were excellent and I can report the the strawberry had a true fresh strawberry taste, while the coconut was light and delightfully smooth.
"Rima's" has a daily special, Thursday it was chicken and dumplings. The place is open from 11 AM thru diner. Rima, my new best friend, told me that her place was voted "the best diner between downtown Cincinnati and the airport". I'll certainly add my vote to that.

I'll give a report on some of the other spots and interesting dishes that we sampled during the past week on the next posting.

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Rima D said...

Hi Joe!! Yes its finally me "Rima", I'm so happy you enjoyed my diner as I and my staff have enjoyed you and your friends you have brought to RIMA'S. When I hear or I'm told by many of my customers how much they love my food and decor, that's what makes it all worth while to me! The weather has been great and my lime green umbrellas are outside so come and see me! Always a pleasure Joe!