Monday, March 5, 2012

Delightful Dishes

Here are just some of the outstanding "delightful dishes" which we ate last week. By no means are these our whole consumption, but then you readers are not planning either menus or diets.

Saigon Cafe, Erie Ave, Hyde Park:
Excellent Pad Thai, Marilyn thinks the best in Cincinnati, served with ones choice of meats, seafood or tofu. "Hot Mama" Sushi roll- seafood and rice wrapped in a crisp shell and flash fried, somewhat spicy but not over powering.

Nectar Restaurant, 1000 Delta Ave:
An extremely light shrimp pancake seasoned with Kim Chi. The pancake was most reminiscent of a crepe heavier in egg than in flower, the fresh shrimp were sliced very thin and the Kim Chi was spread over the dish to just added enough spice and "fire". Great with wine or beer.

Orchids at the Netherlands, Downtown:
House smoked salmon wrapped around the worlds best "tater tot"( crispy shaved potato's and herbs, pressed into a roll, deep fried) all topped with whipped mascarpone( small marble sized globules), pickled red onions and garlic chips and salmon row. Possibly the best "gravlax" presentation in the world.
Red Snapper "En Papillote" (menu spelling on all items) Beautiful fillets of fresh Red Snapper covered with a paper thin Brie( that's correct Brie) dough. served with Madras Curry Vinagrette, Vidalia Onions and tart Apple Tzatziki.
Any doubt why "Orchid's" is our favorite.

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