Friday, August 3, 2012

Minor Disaster

On Aug 1 I spent over an hour getting caught up on some of the places we had eaten, While "proof" reading I hit some key, on the keyboard, and sent the message into cyberspace. I have tried everything, I know, to retrieve it but have failed in every attempt. I'm sure it is in the computer, somewhere, but how to get it onto my Blog is beyond my capability.
I know that I mentioned, in detail, the Lobster Rolls at "Bonefish" The Vietnamiese crepe at the "Saigon Cafe" and the bread pudding at "La Poste". All are well worth the visit.
"Vito's Cafe" was a mixed bag with good food and poor service and "mucho" noise and activities.

Wednsday night we had our first visit to "Mayberry Restaurant" 1211 Main St. Cincinnati (513) 381-5999, they do take reservations. There was a very small crowd inside and we did not venture on to the outside dining area. Our server was most attentive and helpful. The have a small, adventuous menu and seem to specialize of draft beers, mostly of the IPA( India Pale Ale) varity.
The two women had salads while I split an order of Bacon wrapped figs served with a fresh berry sauce, wonderful. I also had 2 sides, Buffalo Mac N Cheese, mostly cubed chicken breast in a spicy sauce and steamed Cauliflower mixed with Feta cheese and finely chopped fresh tomatos and sweet red peppers, an interesting presentation.
The other male ended with a large perfectly cooked tenderloin on a bed of truffle fried potatoes all top with a fried egg.
We'll probably try again as our server said that the menu changes often reflecting what is available, daily, at Finley Market.
Hope this posting makes it "on line"

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