Thursday, January 10, 2013


Welcome to 2013. As I mentioned, with all the electronic media and restaurant websites available, I sometimes feel that a personal website(Blog) has very little value. I'll keep posting for a time but I encourage you to research places mentioned and make you own decisions.

After eating at home the first week in January we began our routine of supporting the Cincinnati restaurant industry. The first venture was to "Eat Well Cafe and Takeaway" 3009 O'Bryon St. Cincinnati, OH 45208 (513) 871-2233. This new operation of Renee Schuler( a caterer and past Chef of the "Murphin Ridge Inn") open to the public in the space formerly occupied by "What's for Dinner" in O'Bryonville. The hours are 8:30 AM to 7 PM, 5 days a week and 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, closed Sunday. Breakfast is served until 11 AM and there are no restrictions on the rest of the menu. The offerings run from Snacks(Hummus, Guacamole,etc) to Beverages (coffee and tea plus house made concoctions)
At a trial lunch I had a Pasta Bowl( the pasta was pearl couscous with grilled vegetables and housemade pesto. I substituted golden roasted cauliflower (for the zucchini and yellow squash.) which made the bowl delicious and filling. My drink was a white cranberry, fresh lemonade, with half a dozen red berries floating on top.
There are Salads, Sandwiches, Soups and Sides plus a Kids menu, so bring the off-spring.

Another new spot, for us, although it has been open almost 7 months is "Django" 4046 Hamilton Ave. Northside, OH 45223 (513) 542-3664. The restaurant, run by the same people who operate "La Poste" in Clifton and occupies the space vacated by "Slims". It is very informal and strictly Mexican( or at least their representation). I found the food very good and not heavily spiced. Four of us started with corn chips and Guacamole,( later came some Salsa) accompanied by beer, the perfect compliment. The table split an order of Molcajete, del mar, a seafood stew with Okra, Corn, Tomato and seasoning. It comes boiling in a stone bowl and is improved by adding spicy rice( extra)  as a thickener.The order contained 5 fair sized servings, with plenty of seafood in each. Marilyn and I each had a Fish Taco including slaw and chipotle lime sauce, the sauce was a plus to the fried Talapia. We ordered a small bowl of picked veggies( carrots, peppers, onions and cucumbers which were fine but not necessary. For dessert we had doughy doughnut holes fried and covered with granulated sugar then served with a milk chocolate sauce. I found everything, with the possible exception of dessert, worth another try. Prices are reasonable and serving quite adequate.

Other past week outings have been to "Brio Tuscan Grille" 1 Levee Way Newport KY (859) 431-0900. A very good Italian chain Restaurant. Be sure to ask your server how to join their loyalty program. The last several times Marilyn and I have split a chopped salad( nice portion) and I have eaten a full order of Shrimp Verduta, shrimp served on Angle Hair with sun dried tomato's, artichoke hearts and pine nuts. Marilyn ends up with some form of Cappellini.
"Montgomery Inn", the original in Montgomery, (513)-791-3482. I had the Beef ribs, Saratoga Chips and Onion Staws and enough salt an grease to last a life time, or maybe cut it short. No one made me.
The Quarter Bistro" 6904 Wooster Pike Mariemont OH 45227 (513) 271-5400. This place remains convenient to the theater and to "our side" of town, and the crowd shows it. Being on a rib "kick" I had the short rib tacos, tasty and bridging my Mexican and Beef rib experiences.

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