Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Eating out as much as we do not every experience, new or old, will not be top rate. The last couple fit in the "OK" but nothing special category.

A first visit to "Kaze" 1400 Vine Street, Cincinnati 513-218-3432 , Jon Zipperstein's venture into Asian (aimed at Japanese) left me less than egar to return. Although I wish to be a firm supporter of activities that enhance OTR ( Over The Rhine) this restaurant, as it is now, will not be on my "must return list". It is open 7 nights a week, which is certainly in it's favor.
The menu has several divisions from "Share" thru Grille, Soup and Salads to "Main" and Sushi Rolls. There are very few items that do not have an Asian twist. There is also a side list of Nigiri and Sashimi.
Marilyn and I started by splitting an order of NIKU Sliders, Beef Short Ribs, Cucumber Kimchi( mild) and Korean BBQ. The two small buns contained a good amount of well prepared beef with little Kimchi but an appropriate amount of sauce. We both agreed that this was the best dish of the evening.I followed with a Kaze Salad; field greens, cucumber, Avocado, green onion, radish, topped with lotus root chips. The salad came so lightly dressed that I asked for another portion of dressing. My last dish was was "The Drop Kick" Sushi Roll; 5 small pieces of Tampura Fried Striped Bass with house made Kimchi and a Japanese mustard sauce. I expected some "kick" but was disappointed in both amount and flavor.
Marilyn, had a Yuko Salad, mescalin greens, arugula, blood orange and radish sprouts; the light ginger dressing did not bother her. She also ordered a Momo grill, two skewers, each, with a bite or two of chicken thigh marinated in a Saam sauce and Japanese honey mustard. She said that they were tasty but hardly enough to even slightly satisfy.
We will not rush back but both hope that they get enough "feed back" to rethink their menu and portion size. Maybe it's just the age difference but I hardly believe it is.

The other night out was a return to "M" now referred to as "M.Wood Fire Oven" at 3514 Erie Ave 45208 (513) 386-7783. This is our third visit and my feelings continue to go up and down.
Splitting a salad( Caesar) still gives one enough, if you are looking at it as a starter. Since we had had drinks and appetizer's at home, we continued splitting a Pizza, which still, unfortunately, lacks sufficient topping to cover all the dough, and and excellent ramekin of Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Pine Nuts, bread crumbs and a very pleasant cream sauce. This served very hot was the hit of the evening. Our service was slow with the salad coming very promptly but a good half hour, or more, wait, for the rest of our dinner. It was a very cold night and possibly the Glacieral pace can somewhat be attributed to the weather.

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