Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Returns

We eat out quite a bit, but as everyone else, we have our favorites and they are often as much for the feeling of belonging as for the food we are served. This is undoubtedly true for almost everyone. Whether it is the neighborhood "Cheers", "Tucker's Cafe" or "Jeff Ruby's" we all tend to go to "where everyone knows your name". It's one of the great pleasures of eating out. Since the last posting here are our spots:

"Otto's" 521 Main St. Covington, KY (859) 491-6678. Lauren met us at the door with a smile and a hug.
The table we occupy is in the back and we are often greeted by the chef, this night it was Molly Costello, bright, attractive and exceptionally competent. The pasta special, which Marilyn and our companion ordered was a Penne with asparagus, mushrooms, artichokes, sun dried tomato's and shrimp, in a very light cream parmesan sauce. They both gave it "thumbs up" for flavor and attractiveness.
I went with the newly revised pork tenderloin which has been upgraded by additional marinating and the addition of a very flavorful slaw topping doused with a Dijon vinaigrette. The meat rests on a perfectly prepared sweet potato hash. I was ecstatic.
Wednesday night was 1/2 price wine night and of course, we had to take advantage of that with a starter of the best fried green tomato's in our area, and maybe anywhere.
We ended by ordering one helping of apricot bread pudding which topped off our delicious meal.

"Oriental Wok" Hyde Park in the Regency (513) 871-6888. Greeting from all the staff and meal selection left in the hands of Guy Burgess, chef.
On Friday he started our meal with shrimp poppers ( ground shrimp mixed with spices and bread crumbs) flash fried. Along with this came numerous slices of pork belly ( a trendy menu item )  roasted and served on Hosin sauce. Our three main courses where: crispy chicken, chopped chicken pieces, bone in, which in my opinion adds to flavor, roasted to perfection, crisp on the outside; juicy on the inside, BBQ pork tenderloin on Chinese water spinach, the flavors complimented each other, and a combination fried rice( loaded with ingredients) which gave a wonderful base for the two other dishes, especially the pork and spinach which had it's own distinctive sauce.
Dessert was Mango gelatin, surrounded with fresh sliced strawberry's and fresh whipped cream drizzled with raspberry sauce. Lucky there were four of us to share everything. Guy even suggested the beer accompaniment, which complimented the food.

Two other spots, without special greetings but yet hospitable were; "Montgomery Inn - Montgomery, 9440 Montgomery Road  (513) 791-3482. Marilyn and I have learned the secret, for us; split a wedge salad and a chopped steak dinner, which is accompanied by onion straws and Saratoga Chips. Plenty of tasty food and a meal rivaling the works at "Skyline" in price.
"Brew River Gastro Pub" 2062 Riverside Dr. (513) 861-2484. We stopped there twice in the past week, to be with friends, and had Gumbo, BLT, East End Salad, Stuffed Mushrooms (an outstanding appetizer) and a more than adequate burger and fresh cut fries, with house made ketchup.

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