Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Louisville KY

We went to Louisville over last weekend, not to bar hop and watch the final four, although that was what a lot of Louisvillians were doing, but rather to attend the Humana Festival at "The Actors Theatre". We had a package deal that covered 5 plays in 3 days plus a reception, with food, and a gala ( which we missed, Michigan was in the late night game).
The theatre was uniformly well staged, well acted and thought provoking. There were mixed reactions among our group to the new American plays, which we saw and then discussed.

To me the outstanding dinner was at "Milkwood" 316 W. Main St., in the basement of the Actors Theatre. Reservation highly recommended The chef, David Lee, is defiantly one of the cities top food personality, with a national reputation. His food lived up to the billing.
I started with a Sweetbread Salad, mixed greens, perfectly marinated and chopped, mixed with blue cheese, country ham slivers, sweet red pepper bits and all topped with crisp Sweetbread nuggets, delicious.
Marilyn had a share of a Romaine salad which she pronounced great.
Our main course was Peking Duck, served on a garnished platter with the breast sliced and the leg meat shredded and chopped and mixed in a light duck sauce. Scallion Pancakes, light and warm were provided as well as Hoisin sauce and shredded scallions. A perfect dish meant to serve at least 2 ($38). We stretched it to serve 3 with no trouble.

David Lee recommeded "Hillbilly Tea" for breakfast or Brunch the next day. The extended tea room, actually a restaurant specializing in tea, is on 1st Avenue just a block away from the downtown Marriott Courtyard, where we stayed with a special Festival rate.
The tea at "Hillbilly Tea" is served piping hot meant to steep and be poured thru a strainer. The menu is definitely "down South". Marilyn had poached eggs on biscuits covered with Mushroom Gravy while I had deep fried chicken livers and a plate of grilled catfish. A fun, good recommendation from the Chef.

Besides the two memorable places we chowed down at "O'Shay"s", an expanded bar, before the Saturday night show. Marilyn had a "Hot Brown"(sliced turkey, tomato's, bacon, covered with a cheese sauce) made famous by the Brown Hotel. while I shared "fish and chips'. The fish was crisp and hot, the chips ordinary, 50% "ain't bad". Buffet breakfast, Sunday morning, at "Milkwood", plentiful but not outstanding.
A salad Sunday at 2 at the "Old Spaghetti Factory" 235 W.Market St. again Marilyn and I split. Typical chain.

Good weekend and next time, and there will be a next time, we may survey more of the dining scene in Louisville.

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