Saturday, June 1, 2013

Heading East

I have been with a lot of people, in the last week, who think that this Blog is a wonderful idea. It's nice to have praise but even better to have readers and comments. The number of "hits" come nowhere near the people who say what I am doing is of interest. Oh well, so it goes.
We take off, tomorrow morning, for a two week road trip to the East Coast. NYC, Poughkeepsie(  Graduation) and Boston. Should get back around May 31 with a few good meals under our belts, both literally and figuratively.
Before we go here is what we have been up to:

After "Zula", the subject of "Garlic, Garlic, Garlic". Which incidentally has been corrected by an additional visit by Marilyn, following which she reported a very good meal of many different, non-Garlic, items, we prepared for a wedding weekend, of a long time family member.
Prior to the wedding festivities we had dinner at "Trio's" in Kenwood. The two of us split a lettuce wedge, dressing on the side, and an entree of Meatloaf with mashed potato's, braised carrot slices and crisp onion straws in total plenty for two..

The wedding festivities kicked off Thursday night with a gathering for 12 at "Sotto', which has become our main stay for downtown eating. Much wine, several antipasti and a mixture of deserts, all were worked over by the assembled guests. My dinner order was the Spaghetti in oil and garlic, with red pepper flaks, and the Salmon (MR, which is what the chef recommends). Both of my dishes were excellent. The Salmon comes on a bed of spinach and is well seasoned with a basic lemon and butter sauce. Marilyn had a green salad and the small ravioli( on the menu with a different name) stuffed with pulled beef short rib. We really like their food.

A lunch at "Mayberry", 1211 Main St (OTR) 513-381-5999, in the garden provided their signature BLT. The tomato's are grilled and the slightly spicy sauce on the toasted, chewy bread make it call for one of   their libations.
Friday evening I stayed home and nursed a mixture of allergies and virus but understand I missed a good evening at "Zula" described very briefly above.

On to the wedding, on the "Satisfaction II", a yatch for rent. The evening turned lovely, the ceremony was very relaxed, as were family members for both sides. Appetizer's( shrimp bowl, fruit and cheese platters, stuffed mushrooms and deadly, hot toasted cheese and chopped veggie bread bites) and wine followed the ceremony.  A seated dinner, on a lower deck, at which beef got nice approval, chicken less so, and a special apple wedding cake highlighted the meal. After a 3 hour cruse we dock at 9:30 and said goodbye to the "happy" couple and all the wedding guests. A brunch, this morning finished the festivities and now it is back to planning for our departure tomorrow.

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