Saturday, October 12, 2013

Out and about

The operative word in "out". Since eating out is a large part of our social life we seem to be out 4 to 5 nights per week. Hard on the digestive system but great for the economy.
Here are a few sports we have hit since my last posting.

"Padrino" 111 Main St. Milford, OH 45150. This was our first time at this mostly Pizza palace run by the same people who own "20 Brixs". We and another couple went to an early movie and this seemed the proper spot for a fairly light 7 PM dinner. The restaurant has a sizable bar and tables and probably seats about 50. This being Saturday night there was a good crowd, all ages, and music after 8 PM. My friend and I split an LL( don't know what it stands for) salad containing greens, nuts, dried cranberries and other goodies. Splitting gave us each a large portion. We also split a 10 inch pizza,( the other size is 14") thin crust; and besides the normal cheese we added Pepperoni( extremely thin and fairly sparse), Mushrooms ( plentiful) and fresh spinach, again not a large amount. Our wives chose eggplant parmesan, fair, and Spaghetti with oil and garlic, again only fair. The place served the purpose but is not worth the drive to Miford, in my estimation.

Our next adventure took us to "Bonefish Grill", Edwards and Madison Rd., Hyde Park. It was my birthday and so we, the family, went "all out".
Starting with Calamari, done well and served with an excellent sweet and spicy dipping sauce; we moved on to Ceviche, mostly small shrimp and scallops with some diced tomato's, onions and bell peppers. The Ceviche, which I ordered as an appetizer, was large enough to serve as a main course. I was smart enough to have ordered only a salad as it was more than sufficient for the evening. The others all had fish; trout, salmon, a seafood skure, and orange roughy. It was a Monday night and the place had very few customers and so our dinners came slightly too fast for enjoyment.
"Bonefish" serves a good product at a fair price and remains a spot we patronise for regular nights out and even special occasions.

Wednesday night befor theater we hit "A Tavola Pizza" 1220 Vine St. OTR. It has been a year since our last visit and although the menu has expanded, and the food is tasty, our complaints from the last time still hold.
The food, from the kitchen comers as prepared, item by item. I got my slider before the others and the beer came after I had started. The roasted cauliflower, room temperature, came next and our companion and Marilyn got their sliders after the side had been served. The salad, which some like first, came after the above listed items. The desert , small chocolate cookies, did come in the proper order as they were ordered a few minutes after we had all finished our meals.There was nothing wrong with the food. The sliders were Cinghiale( boar), Chicken and Beef. All the meats are ground and shaped into meatball sized portions. Each slider has it's individual sauce which compliments the meat. The Red and Blue Salad is a combination of Boston lettuce, cherry tomato's and blue cheese, pleasant and large enough to share.

Last night it was "J. Alexander's" 2629 Edmondson Rd. Hyde Park. There is a new menu plus specials and so the choices are greater. The prices have also increased. "J Alexander" still offers good food and extremely accomodating service. Consequently dinner there is almost always pleasant and rewarding., last night was no exception. Marilyn, almost always orders the Prime Rib Sandwich and that was here choice. I went for the Pecan Crusted Trout and was delighted. The trout fillet was large and cooked to perfection. It was completely covered with crushed Pecans and sprinkled with a light, white mustard sauce. The combination was terrific. It came upon a bed of seasoned rice and a large helping of their excellent, crisp Cole Slaw. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite, as I have just reporting.

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