Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Special Treatment

One of the questions I get, most often, is do you get special treatment because you write a Blog about restaurants. We'll the answer is a definite NO. I, like other do sometime get a "freebie" from some place that we frequent on a very regular basis but I can not remember when anything coming to the table was the result of my putting out these messages.

That said, it all changed last night when we went to "Enoteca Emilia" with Todd Kelly, Chef at "Orchids" and his wife. Todd had partnered with the Chef at "Emilia" for a benefit and so it was "pay back" time. We were along for the ride and the overwhelming amount to food. The quantity was in part our fault as Todd likes to sample many offering and I am a glutton who can't pass anything.
The meal started with drinks and a small plate from the kitchen including a roasted pear slice, Prosciutto, Caramelized onions salad and a toast point. This called for a bottle of light red wine, the first of three. We ordered salads, the most interesting grilled peach and fennel, while Todd amused himself, and the table, with mussels, stuffed dates, grilled peppers and deviled eggs. I partook of all.
Before the main course the kitchen again sent a plate with one large broiled scallop wrapped in Pancetta resting on a bed of sweet white corn and chopped nuts. We should have gotten the hint and stopped.
Our main courses, from the menu were: a four cheese pizza, mushroom ravioli, Bucotini and fresh clams, and a short rib Lasagne. It will not surprise anyone reading this, that quite a bit went uneaten.
To top things off we had two desserts, their excellent Ricotta fritters and a Panna Cotta that came part frozen.
Too much to eat and drink but a fitting tribute to one of Cincinnati's top Chefs.

So where else have we gone: "21c Museum Hotel", Walnut St. Downtown, for a dinner of oven broiled Walleye served with cauliflower on a cucumber Gazpacho.
Original "Montgomery Inn" 9440 Montgomery Road where Marilyn and I split the grilled chopped steak, onion straws and Saratoga chips.
"Phoenician Taverna" 7944 S.Mason-Montgomery Rd for roast chicken, lamb shank and eggplant salad and their very unusual and tasty walnut spread. Of course, house made warm Pita.
"Seasons 52" 3819 Edwards Road where the best things, we think, are their wine list, triple mushroom flat bread and outstanding stuffed mushrooms. We make a dinner out of mushrooms there, as you can tell.
Finally "Sky Galley" at Lunken Airport where Marilyn has the Tilapia and I the "world famous" Chicken livers.

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