Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finger Foods

I have not posted lately as we have been going out less, and when we do we have been frequenting our favorites, about which I have already written,
I had a medical "procedure" which is the new pseudonym for "minor surgery" so that gave me a very few meals in Christ Hospital, which I don't intend to review. I did tell the "patient representative", when he came around, that they could use a few seasonings in the kitchen, or presented for choices on the tray. Oh well, so much for that thought. By the way we have a friend who says,"minor surgery is what they do to somebody else".
Last night we went to "Brio's", which we consider one of the best Italian chains. We were not disappointed with both good food and excellent service. Again at about $30 each for everything.
We reported on "Nada" and have also had dinner at "Honey", which remains one of our favorites, along with "Otto's" and "Nectar", which have seen us also in January.
That covers the first 20days in January and will see what else draws us and our cash account.

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