Monday, February 4, 2008

Finger Foods

I'm getting quite a bit of "flack" for not putting anything new on this Blog, from my few steady readers, 2 0r 3 in number. So I thought it would be good to type in something as February, 2008 roles around. This is approxiately the 80th entery since I began. So if you are lonely you can scroll back to you hearts content.
As I mentioned we have cut down on evenings out for a couple of reasons. I am trying to take off a few pounds, easier when eating at home, and we have had some family and guests who want our home cooking; home made Beef Vegitable Soup and another night Beef Short Ribs with Root Vegitables. I enjoy them both also, including the resultant "left-overs".
We have been to Brio's, Andy's Mediterranean Grill, JeanRo and Bronte Bisto at Joseph Beth Book Sellers. These are all repeats as are many places we frequent. I don't feel that a lot of comments are necessary although I feel that all, except Andy's, keep quality, varriety and service on a steady keel. Andy's is convienient, especially when heading downtown from Walnut Hills or Hyde Park, but to me some of the smaller places around town do a better job on MidEast Cuisine, at least the standards.
I could tell you what I eat, each time, at all that we visit, but you can search the menu for yourself and come away with a very satisfying meal.

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