Thursday, February 28, 2008

There New

For the last few posts the spell check has not been working. Spelling is not my strong suit or even near. Let's hope things improve.
We arrived home Tuesday night, Feb. 26, from 8 days in Calf.; but more about that in another posting. We had had breakfast in SF and so when we arrived, 7:15 PM, we were ready for dinner. We and the couple who picked us up decided to try "Chalk", where none of us had been. Chalk food+wine, the full name, is at 318 Greenup St. Covington, KY 41011. Phone 859-643-1234. It is another Jean Robert, Martin Wade endeavor. The space was formally occupied by "Scallia" and "Pho Paris". The physical layout remains the same while the decor has gone to mostly black and white, with several blackboard walls covered with chalk writing. I was personally disappointed that the menu and wine list were not on chalk boards. My disappointment ended there.
The wines were very good and reasonably priced. They seemed to range from $6 to $11/glass. I chose a Meritage at $9 and so did one of our companions. The other wine selection at our table was a very dry, crisp Tariguet. The menu is divided in 4 parts; starters, soups and salads, hand food and entrees. I chose a ham (prosciutto) and Romaine salad. the presentation was a small heart of Romaine wrapped in a thin slice of ham, with a fairly thick grainy mustard and whipped oil and vinegar, separate on the plate. Other salads were a mixed green, nice but nothing special, and a beautiful, very small, winter fruit salad, shaved lettuce piled with citrus fruit sections.
My main course was pan fried catfish with grits while others had the SOD (soup of the day) creamed celery, duck breast and a delicious chicken pot pie, made with corn as a replacement for potatoes. We ended with coffee and a split "S'More" cake, not wood fire roasted.
We all enjoyed ourselves and will return. The service was pleasant and professional but not intrusive. Dinner and 4 glasses of wine, including tip, was slightly under $40/person.
Tonight Marilyn and I ventured to the reopening of "Grammer's", Liberty and Walnut St. in the OTR section of Cincinnati, which is coming back from a long decline. "Grammer's" closed in 1991 except for special occasions. Before that it was one of the "old time" German Bars and Restaurants, dating back to the early 1900's. We used to go there when we first lived here in the "1950's". Martin Wade, you saw the name above, has reopened as a simple bar with a very few nibbles. His plans, according to what he told us tonight, are to rebuild the kitchen and eventually resume full service dining along with his bar and bar food.
Tonight was a happening with friends, neighbors and city boosters all in attendance. That area has not seen so many upgrade autos in many a year. This weekend the food; Mett's, Brats, yeast pretzels and popcorn all are free. Beer runs from $3.50 to $10.50 depending on size and area of origin. Regular bar prices are in line for mixed drinks which run the gambit.
More power to Martin and the people who are pouring energy, time and money to reviving the city.

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BreenRC said...

Thank you for your kindly mention of Grammer's return. It was lovely meeting you, your wife and friends this past Saturday evening.

We are grateful to people such as yourself that have, in the three days since we reopened, already given us repeat business. We hope to see you and yours as regulars, and look foward to meeting the rest of the "symphony crowd".

Grammer's may have new owners, but it is a beloved Cincinnati landmark that will forever belong to its patrons, both new and old.

- Ryan Breen and Lois Parker
General Managers of Grammer's