Sunday, March 2, 2008


"A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum", or at least to the Symphony. We thought we had a date with another couple for dinner, at 5:30 and then the concert. They had it down for March 8 while we had it for March 1. When we arrived at "Daveeds", 934 Hatch St, Mt. Adams, they had no record of a reservation. At 5:45 I ordered my usual Bombay and at 6:00 we perused the menu and ordered, a pre-concert, dinner.
The people couldn't have been nicer or more understanding. The Menu is Eclectic, as the subtitle of their name implies,"Eclectic Cuisine" and is interesting and beautifully prepared and served. Attention to presentation, flavors, colors and textures are all evident.
I chose the Tuna Tartre and a hearty Beer and Cheese soup while Marilyn had a Beet salad, both red and yellow beets and a wonderfully prepared and presented, medium, "Duck Breast". On the plates are accompaniments and garnishes.
The menu seems to contain most areas of dinner selections; beef, fish, poultry etc. Not many different selections but enough that everyone should find something.
We were very early and I have no idea how crowded they get later, but I would certainly suggest a reservation. Phone # 513-721-2665. I did not see a handicap entrance but I feel sure they can make arrangements. Our dinner with coffee came to approximately $72, tax included, for the two of us.
You should certainly add "Daveeds" to your list of "fine" dinning experiences. We will return.

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