Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hospitality 3

As you can see, from the heading, this is not the first time I have made an entree on this subject. It is so easy but many to many don't go the extra step to achieve true hospitality over service.
Two cases served to remind me this week.
Last night we had dinner at Nectar, one of our favorites owned and operated by Julie Francis. We are friends, but I believe that what she did she would do for anyone. I always say "hello" and last night I told her that I am making a real effort to cut down on Calories and Sodium. After we were give our menus she stoped by the table to help me eat as health as I could. I choose a beet salad, garnished by "pork belly" and Julie said that the meat was almost all fat and that she would be glad to substitute. Instead of the pork we garnished with orange and almonds. A small thing, easy in the kitchen, but a great sign of hospitality.
At lunch Wed. I ate, with a friend, at the "Noodle Company", a Denver Based chain. Most dishes, as the name implies, revolve around some type of pasta. I ask them to put together a stir fry of shrimp and vegetables, no sauce. They did but the portion was exceedingly small. One of the employees, who was on the floor, asked me how things were, which they always seem to do, and when I told her that I thought the helping was "skimpy", especially the fresh veggies, she disappeared and in a few minutes returned with a card for each of us, signed by the Manager, and entitling us to a "free" lunch.
"White table cloth" or well run "fast food" it easy to make people feel special and want to return.

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