Friday, March 7, 2008


After 3 days in LA we left early Friday morning for SF. It is a 5 hour drive from our sons house to Gilroy, the Garlic Capitol, and "In and Out Burger". "In and Out" is a fast food chain serving Hamburgers, etc. It is good, clean and fast and is all over the State. Gilroy is the South end of the Bay area.
That night we had carry in Chinese at Marilyn's brothers. The food is standard, but they like the delivery service and one or two dishes. Marilyn's nephew, 44, was in town and he added to the visit. He is bright, attractive and has a very interesting vocation. For 17 years he has worked with the Apache Elders on an Arizona Reservation helping to document "native America" uses of plants for medical purposes.
Since Chinese is often salty, this being no exception, Seth and I went out to buy a 6 pack. An hour and a half later we returned having spent some time at "PJ's Oyster Bed" preparing for dinner with some Oysters and Bombay. PJ's is a pleasant Bar and Seafood Restaurant, typical of SF.
That night we stayed near the SF Airport and picked up a Granddaughter, the next morning, when she returned from NM. We drove to Mendocino/Ft. Bragg, the home of another son. On the way we stoped at "Libby's" on Route 128 in Philo. "Libby's is our favorite Mexican Restaurant( I have written about it before). Everything is fresh and cooked to order. Libby has been in the area for 30 years and has a devoted following. I had a wonderful Seafood stew, seasoned perfectly and full of shrimp, clams, mussels and snapper. Worth the 2500 miles to get there.
In the evening 8 of us went to the "Albion River Inn", in Albion CA, to celebrate the same granddaughters 14th birthday. The Albion River Inn was the site of the movie,"Same Time Next Year" and is a beautiful spot on the Northern CA coast overlooking the Albion river and the ocean. There food is very good and the ambiance and service make for a wonderful dining experience.The menu has everything from Filet Mignon to local seafood and has several vegetarian selections, as do many CA eating spots.
Sunday was cold and rainy, that's February in that part of the country, and while are Granddaughters took over our Motel room, that evening, for the Academy Awards, our son does not have TV, we went to our sons house where his wife fixed an outstanding Sunday night Supper; Fresh Crab and Avocado salad, steamed Asparagus and Pecan Pie. I may move.
The next day after lunch at the "Mendocino Hotel" , one of the few places open for lunch on Monday, we drove to Yountville to visit friends who own a vineyard, "Goossecross Cellers". We spent the late afternoon sitting out, among the grapes, tasting servile whites and reds which they produce, tough duty. That night we are dinner at "Hurley's", 6518 Washington St. Yountville, CA 94599. Phone 707-944-2345. I highly recommend "Hurley's", which is just down the street from "The French Laundry" and certainly less in price and intimidation. After my Bombay and before a fine local red wine, I had a beet salad followed by three side dishes, I put together, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts and Mac and Cheese. All nicely prepared and beautifully presented. Marilyn and I shared a wonderful homemade Ice Cream Sandwich with a delicious sauce.
After dinner we wound or way towards SF, spending the night in Novato. Our flight home the next day went smoothly, the end of a good visit.

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