Sunday, March 23, 2008

Out a lot=gaining weight

It's been a big week of dining out, although next week in NYC will be bigger. But more on that when I return.
Wednesday night, on the way to theatre, we stopped at PORKOPOLIS Tavern and Grill, 1077 Celestial St, next door to the Celestial Steakhouse but a world away in decor and price. Their phone # is 513-721-5456. The restaurant took over the space in the old Rookwood Pottery building and it has been turned into a welcoming tavern, on several levels; you can even eat in an old kiln, if it fits your fancy. The owner used to run "Nick's Chops and Chasers",, in Oakley and he carries on with a large, mostly American menu, built around his featured pork chops.
The menu is extensive and very reasonably price. Our server was pleasant, efficient and attentive, what more can you ask?
Marilyn has Spaghetti and Meatballs plus a soft drink and coffee, I had my usual Bombay and a single grilled pork chop with sides of baked sweet potato and apple sauce. The food is very satisfactory and the meal, including tax came to $37.50. The service was prompt from order to coffee and we were out in about an hour and 15 minutes. Great if you want to be on your way.

Friday night we were taken to NECTAR, one of our top rung, neighborhood, restaurants in Mt. Lookout Square. There have been many comment before in this Blog. I have an affinity for Julie French, the owner and chief, and her cooking. Friday, I had, guess what, Bombay and then the salad reported in "Hospitality 3". I had ordered Artic Char, however, the kitchen report only one order left and I deferred to our host. Instead I had a piece of fresh grilled Salmon served on a bed of grain, which fell somewhere between Barley and Pine Nuts. I'll have to find out what it was. Marilyn had the duck breast, medium, which she had had before; adventuresome is not in her lexicon. I can't report on pricing although most of the entrees run $20 to $25 and salads are Ala carte.

Last night was EMBERS, 8170 Montgomery Road, 45326, phone 513-984-8090. there were 6 of us and we were seated at a round table, which I my estimation always adds to the ease of conversation.
Jon Zipperstein, the chef and co-owner, was very much in attendance and greeted all of us on arrival, another nice touch.
It was a 2 Bombay night, Xavier having just won, which I followed with an Iceberg Wedge,which had been chopped and sprinkled with with thick bacon bits and chopped tomato's before it was heavily doused with a rich blue cheese dressing. Very rich and not for the strict calorie counter. Next time if I order this salad I'll have the dressing on the side. I then had an excellent Sushi role with crab, smoked salmon and cucumber accented by wasabi mayonnaise. The table shared a Chocolat Souffle which was small but mighty. Marilyn had tonic, the same salad as I, and she split a Strip, done to perfection and a baked potato. She ended with coffee and her share of the tables desert.
The food was very good and the service was excellent and even though it is slightly pricey, our bill was $74, including tax, it was well worth it and we will return. I know this makes Zipperstein happy, at least as long as our credit card works.

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