Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Back

The title is the punch line of an old joke. But returning between trips is no joke. We're here for a few weeks and then off to Central Europe for two full weeks. More pounds, both way.
During the time, between trips, we have been dining at some of our regular haunts, as well as eating at home and picking up a new dive or two.
We have eaten at "Daveed's", where I had Arctic Char, one of my favorite flat fish. Daveeds always does an excellent job in great surroundings.
"Nectar" about which I have thrown bouquets several times. This was a Sunday Brunch, which they do well. Don't know what I hit to change the script. Maybe I can figure it out.
"JeanRo Bistro", good, steady with great Onion Soup and often interesting special dishes. Also nice wines.
"The Reserve" with Shrimp Scampi and fresh tomatoes on "angle hair"
A couple of lunches at "Lavomatic" once with super good and super rich Roasted Cauliflower soup and another with excellent Gravlax. Next time I'll skip the Bagel and Cream Cheese and have the Gravlax "strait"; less calories and more salmon taste.

The dives are Tony's on route 52, scheduled for tonight. It used to be Buba's, which must tell us something, and a Golf shirt is "overdressed" and "Mr. Gene's Hot Dog Stand'on Beekman, North of Hopple. I expected a few inside tables but it's just a "carryout" with a couple of picnic tables "out back". Polly Campbell had reviewed last Friday but it wasn't worth the drive from the East side, snob that I am. Although the bun was especially warm and fresh and the value was there.

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