Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Our last day in the Big Apple, at least this trip. Mixed emotions
Today we're off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Jasper Johns exhibit. One can spend a full week at the "Met" but not when you want to cram everything, in NY, into a one week visit.
We allotted our last morning. I'm not an art critic but I never come away from the "Met" without being impressed. After the Johns exhibit, in which I liked the paintings with color better than the ones that are just the shades of Gray, which made him famous, we went to the newly renovated Greco-Roman wing. I'm not sure how much they spent on the renovation, 250 and a bunch of zeros, but the job done is outstanding.
There are new arched ceilings making the rooms sunlit and airy, as well as black and white mosaic floors. The whole effect and the art make that period come alive.
Early afternoon we went to Atlantic Grill,1341 Third Ave.-212-988-9200 for a late lunch and our last NYC meal. I had wonderful jumbo lump crab cakes and a glass of white wine. The meal ended with sliced fresh pear. I believe Atlantic grill is part of a chain operation but it is well run and the food delicious.
A stop at an upper East side grocery to pick up Mallomars, why you can't get them in Cincinnati, I'll never understand, and a cab to LGA took us to our 5 PM flight.
Our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter picked us up and we went to the Montgomery Inn in Northern KY. I should have gone without dinner, to try to begin to shed the extra 5 lbs from the week, but oh no I had my usual Bombay and then shared Beef ribs, sweet potato, onion straws and Saratoga Chip, for which the Montgomery Inn is justly famous.
Home to unpack and rehash( no pun) memories of a wonderful week.

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