Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tony's on the River

In my Blog entry, yesterday, I said the we were going last night to Tony's and I put it in the "dive" category, with a hot dog stand. So much for prejudging; something I preach all the time about food.
"Tony's on the River" 1329 US 52, New Richmond, OH 45157-513-373-7333 is not in the category of a dive. It is not a stared restaurant, at this point, but it's definitely putting out a lot of effort.
When it was "Buba's" it was a bar that served an extended bar food menu. Now it has been painted, inside, the lawn, down to the river, which was impassible before, has been cleaned, with some tables by the water, and the owner who has some restaurant experience is very solicitous, and tries to please his customers, a good step for anyone in business.
The food was very good too passable, in my estimation. Marilyn's pan seared sole was excellent, well seasoned and done perfectly, and although too many dishes come from the kitchen, to moist, especially the veggies, the variety is good and not built around fried items. There are nightly specials plus full bar service and beautiful looking desserts.
It's a drive, 30 minutes from Mt. Lookout, but if you want to try a place that is trying to make it, in a tough business, go to Tony's and support someone who is really trying.

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