Monday, September 8, 2008

A Big Week

On Labor Day, Sept 1, we picked up our kids at the Dayton airport. We decided to stay in Dayton for diner and since none of us had been to the "Pine Club" we decide on it as our destination.
The Pine Club-1926 Brown St.,Dayton OH- 937-228-5371 is an institution in Dayton and is known throughout the area. It was opened in 1947 and has been in business, at the same location, ever since. It is a Steak House with a large bar, booths and tables and a menu built around meat, although there are a few fish dishes. They do not take reservations or Credit Cards and the usual wait is about 45 minutes to an hour. We lucked out and on this warm Labor Day evening we were seated immediately.
The menu offers most well known steak cuts and Marilyn and I shared a porterhouse, plenty for our appetite. We also shared an order of Lyonnaise potato's which served both of us with another helping left over. I ordered the wedge of Iceberg with the "red and blue dressing" a light "French" with gobs of blue cheese crumbles. It was excellent. There are several selections of vegetables and all this, salad, potato and veggies are included in the price of the dinner. The meal was good and the service was excellent but it is 90 miles round trip, from our home, and the Precinct, with better steaks and higher prices is only 2 block away. Maybe I'm just a home body.
The next night it was "JeanRo Bistro", written about before. It is fun, moderately priced and offers a cafe based menu with one or two specials. Located on Vine, between 4th and 5th it is easy to park, either on the street or under the Westin Hotel, right across the street. Having trouble seeing over my stomach I settled for French Onion Soup, always excellent there, and a salad.
Unfortunately we made up for it the next night with a visit to the "Orchids" Dining Room of the Netherland Plaza. For my money and taste this is the top "special occasion" restaurant in Cincinnati. The room is beautiful, quiet, and the service is in keeping with a top rate menu.
I started with Sweetbreads which were perfectly prepared and followed with a main course of grilled striped Bass and pieces of Alaskan King Crab. The plate accompaniments set off the diner and complimented the seafood. Others had Salmon, Veal and Lamb which universally met approval and raves.
To end the week of eating out we went on Friday night to "Primavista", also reported on earlier.
"Primavista is in the Queens Tower, atop Price Hill.
As with most good restaurants Friday and Saturday are the BIG nights. Primavista was crowded and although our reservation was promptly honored the kitchen delay was somewhat tedious. The owner told us they did 120 covers in one hour, a record and fairly impossible for any "cook to order" restaurant. They were gracious and we certainly will return and will recommend "Primavista" to everyone as one of the best Italian dinner places in town. I had excellent Cioppino with plenty of fresh seafood in a slightly spicy tomato broth, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Marilyn had her usual Veal Piccata. All diners come with a fair sized salad and plenty of hot bread with a garlic puree on the side.
As I have written before, I only comment on what I actually eat and how each place effects me at the particular time. The restaurant business is a difficult one with many variables from the parking to the dish washer. One has to love and be dedicated to try that line of work and stick with it.

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