Thursday, September 18, 2008

A treat

I know that I usually write almost exclusively about food but I want to mention a treat of another kind. In Cincinnati we have a lot of Professional Groups. A couple that come to every ones mind are, of course, our Baseball team and our Football Franchise. This year both of these have been nothing to "write home", or any place else, about.
When you pick up our local newspaper you see both at least once or twice, every day.
We also have a very Professional Symphony Orchestra. your lucky to read about that once or twice a week, during their season. The CSO is not only 1st Class, but quite possibly one of the top 5 Symphony Orchestras in the United States and certainly in the top 10. The local paper gives cursory coverage, t0 this great ensemble, and they are usually stressing the problems, rather than the triumphs.
Last week the CSO opened their 2008/2009 season with two concerts, Friday and Saturday night, that were outstanding. The audience was not only large, over 5200 both nights combined, but also wildly enthusiastic. The lights had to come up before they would let the soloist, Andre Watts, retire.
If you want a treat, besides eating out, treat yourself to an evening with the CSO at Music Hall.

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