Saturday, September 6, 2008

Catching Up

As any of you, who have ever been away for an extended time, know it takes awhile to catch up. After seven weeks in the North Woods we now feel like we are close to there. Laundry, Marilyn's major home occupation, mail, bills and calls, we are current.
Add to this two political conventions and too much attack advertising plus a Granddaughter off to collage for her Freshman year and you see we have had a bit to do.
None the less we still eat out, almost always with friends, and so here is a rundown of places we have revisited and one new one tried, after reading the review.
Caulk Food+Wine- Newport, KY
We met our children there, our first night home and shared several dishes. It is the second time we have been to Caulk, the first we thoroughly enjoyed. Our evening, on this Friday was only fair. It was nice being with the family but the place was noisy, the service was slow and the portions fairly small. I found the wine had increased in price since our first visit and there were no bargains to my untrained eye and palette. I did enjoy the pulled Duck Bar-B-Q'ed sandwich and the trout, while good, was fairly skimpy.
Guenther's Steak and Seafood House-7886 Cincinnati Dayton Road, West Chester (5130 777-8880.
We read the review in the Steak Issue of "Cincinnati Magazine" by Donna Covertt and so we were anxious to try Guenther's. We did not find it a special as did Ms Covertt. The seafood delivery truck had not made an appearance when we arrived at 7:15, it did get there as we were leaving after 9. Therefore they could not prepare either the crab cakes or the "Louis" salad, a disappointment. Their house salad is good and ample. I settled for Calf's Liver which was prepared correctly, with sauteed onions and a bacon strip but which was sinewy, as sometimes happens. The hash browns were fairly ordinary, not comparable to my favorites at the "Rustic Roost" in Iron River WI, a long drive for potatoes. Marilyn gave me a taste of her steak and Jeff Ruby doesn't have to worry. As Donna reported it is a bargain compared with other steak houses and the atmosphere, a local neighborhood place for dinner, not a steak emporium, is very pleasant. Our server and the Manager couldn't have been more pleasant and accommodating. If we are on our way to Middletown or Dayton we may try it again but it is a long way from Columbia Parkway.
Terry's Turf Club-Eastern Ave.
Terry's is Terry's. I have written about it before. It remain a good Bar and Hamburger join, with other sandwiches, for the non believers. The Hamburgers are some of the best around and rival the Anchor Bar in Superior, WI. Go early or late if you want to avoid the the wait and throw your peanut shells on the floor.
Aqua Restaurant-1020 Delta Ave-Mt Lookout Square
We went on a Friday night and found a nice crowd but, again, a high noise level. Maybe it has something to do with my age or what restaurants want to encourage.
The food was excellent, I had a mixed platter of Sushi and California, or other, Rolls while the others had hot entrees including chicken and fish. Their food is done correctly and served attractively by, in our case, an attentive, pleasant and helpful waiter; in fact he put together my Sushi combination which I enjoyed immensely. We should go more often
Cumin-3520 Erie Ave- East Hyde Park
Cumin is a regular stop for us. We always have a good time and are treated as the regulars we are, although everyone seems to get the same treatment. There were three of us and we divided 3 main courses, which followed our cocktails.
The three selections were a grilled and marinated Flank Steak, Cauliflower on a bed of rice with a light sauce and a spinach and Indian Cheese combination the name and spelling of which I am currently at a loss. This was accompanied by Paswami Nan, oven-baked flat bread stuffed with raisins and pistachio nut pieces. Plenty of food for a good tastee dinner.
I think I'll stop for now as my eyes, and probably yours can use a rest. More at the next posting.

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