Saturday, July 4, 2009

Catch up

We are leaving early next week for a driving tour of spots in Wisconsin, Minnesota and a few days in Chicago. We'll report on any memorable, or close, meals after we get back.
In the mean time I'll get caught up on the places we have eaten out in the last weeks, that have not been reported.
"Cumin" 3520 Erie Ave-513-871-8714 has changed it's by line from "fusion Indian" to "Eclectic Cuisine" which better describes the way they have progressed. A new chef has been added to the kitchen staff and he brings with him an array of other specialties. "Yesh" is still the owner Chef and so even though they are widening the selection the same Indian presentation holds sway. If anything the food has gotten a little better, which was hard since it was 1st rate to begin. The other night I had a starter of Ahi Tuna tartar, seasoned just right, and a well prepared Artic Char while Marilyn had a beautiful duck Brest, sliced and prepared medium rare. We tried two Naan, one plain with 3 small spreads and one onion and garlic. Wonderful evening of food, service and dinner companions.
"Embers" 8170 Montgomery Rd-513-984-8090. Four of us went on a recent Saturday night and found the restaurant pleasantly full but not taxed. I ordered too much and ate it all. After drinks I consumed a very spicy Gazpacho with pureed onions, tomato's and cucumbers. That was followed by the chopped Iceberg Salad, which has bacon, HB eggs, blue cheese and tomato's. I should have stoped with the two items, as the salad was quite large. Instead I had the house special Sushi Role which was a combination of seafood's, avocado,veggies and sauces, of course, all encased in rice. Very good and filling. Marilyn showed some restraint but still had an equally large salad and a main course of excellent beef short ribs. The food was all taste and well prepared. Service, a usual, at the "Embers" was excellent.
"Cafe Mediterranean" 7454 Beechmont Ave( in the Anderson Town Center) 513-232-2400. Once again four of us and too much food, no wonder I don't loose weight. The table split a "Meditterranean Platter" five separate appetizers and a side order of Cacik(yogurt and cucmber) as well as one of Tabbouleh, plus lots of warm Pita. Again we should have stoped, but didn't. I had a grilled sea bass basted, while cooking, with Olive Oil and lemon Juice while Marilyn had an Okra stew, her southern roots were showing. The other couple had Stuffed cabbage Roles and a Shrimp Casserole, baked and covered with cheese, hardly rich. The food at "Cafe Meditterranean" is always good and we consider it the best of the Turkish or Eastern Mediterranian places in the area. It remains slight hard to find behind Macy's in the Mall but is worth the hunt.
Our last meal out, before this posting, was at "Bonefish Grill", in Hyde Park-513-321-5222. "Bonefish" remains very acceptable for fish and seafood or other items if you wish to try them. One of our party had steak which was prepared to his satisfaction, and we have had the Pork Chop which was excellent. We don't think of "Bonefish" for other then seafood although all items are well prepared and served and it is a better than average chain restaurant. I had the house salad, which I always enjoy, to which I added Danish Blue Cheese crumbles, a "Bang-Bang" Shrimp Tacos platter and a beer. For once I behaved, sort of. The soft Tacos are served with house potato chips, not thinning, and make a filling combination. The "Bang-Bang" shrimp are well seasoned but the extra spice is to my liking. Marilyn had her usual Tilapia and a house salad. Good food, nice place good price.

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