Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walleye Alley/Wisconsin Part 2

Tuesday morning, July 7, we headed North from Madison. Lunch, from our cooler, in a park in Chippewa Falls, on the banks of the Chippewa River and then on to Camp Nebagamon in Lake Nebagamon, WI.
As all who know me know, I have been connected with "Camp Nebagamon for Boys" since 1940, my first year as a camper. In the 1940's as a camper and staff member, in the 1960's and 1970's as a parent of campers and staff members( male and female) as well as a "family camp" attendee and finally in the 1990's and this decade when Marilyn and I were privileged to be on the Staff as "Camp Grandparents" both in title and actuality.
Enough of past history. Now on to this years visit. We were only at camp for approximately 48 hours but during that time visited 3 of our favorite, North woods, eating establishments.
The first night along with our two Grandson's, and two other relatives campers, we dined at "The Deep Lake Lodge" in Iron River WI. Each evening Marilyn and I had Walleye, what else when they are in the lakes of both Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Southern Canada. At the "Deep Lake" the main courses, served at our table went from steak, what else do campers eat when being treated, to ribs and seafood kabobs. Several of us started with delicious home made Minestrone Soup and since our meals came with a starter, salad, main course and potato everyone had the works. The "Deep Lake Lodge" is as of all places on Deep Lake and our window table gave us a beautiful and warm view of the evening sunset.
Lunch, the next day, was at "The Anchor Bar" on Tower St. in Superior WI. It has been a favorite of mine since I passed the age of 21. I can only describe it by saying it is an old time seaman bar, near the Lake Superior waterfront and is dark, smokey and highly informal. Why do I love to go there, as do many including some food reviewers? Because all the food is cooked from scratch, they way they think best and turns our to be wonderful. Burgers, and that is 90% of the menu come with an array of toppings while French Fries, made from potato's cut after you order come crisp, hot and with just the right touch of grease. Beer is cold, and the serving staff has always been independent but efficient.
Wednesday night was Adults night out, drinking allowed. Four couples connected with camp and our eldest Grandson went to our eldest son's favorite, the "White Birch" in Solon Springs. Our son says "the White Birch has the best salad bar" and has been quoting that since the mid 70's.
Again Marilyn and I had Walleye, always pan fried, and you guessed, the "salad bar" and potato's. This after my Bombay( none the night before) which I have found cheaper in Northern Wisconsin that some beer. The salad bar may not compete with some in large city steak houses and California but then again it is hands down the best in Solon Springs and environs.
Next we'll move on to Northern Minnesota and the female side of our camping family.

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