Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oriental Wok, sorry Ed

I know I write quite often about the "Oriental Wok" at the Regency, 513- 871-6888, here in Cincinnati, but that is because to us it is very special to us.
I am aware that we are treated in a somewhat special manner, but it is nothing that anyone can't have happen, at an business, if they become a "good customer" and take time to get to know the staff and how that business operates and what is important to them. It's not a one way street."Try it, you'll like it".
We have been to the OW twice in the last two weeks, both times with another couple, one couple from Cincinnati and the other from Adams Country where they own and operate the "Murphin Ridge Inn". Both times we asked Guy Burgess, the Chef and part owner, to fix a meal, of his choosing. Both times the food has been marvelous.
Two weeks ago we started with a mixture of their regular appetizers, Egg Roll, Shrimp Toast and Won Tons, before moving on to four main courses. Our entrees were: Roasted Duck Thighs, Chicken with Chinese mushrooms, Pork tenderloin sliced and finish with sweet onions and a mixture of Shrimp and eggplant. Each dish had it's own unique sauce or accompaniment. All were delightful and the meal, as usual was more than filling.
This past week, with our "out of town guests" I think Guy really decided to show off. He started us with a Seafood egg drop soup which had white egg drops swimming in a shrimp based soup with a grilled scampi and a grilled scallop floating in the middle. There were a few touches of green provided by scallion tops and parsley. Next came a special appetizer of lightly fried crisp thin dough with chopped leechee nuts and chicken enclosed. This was accompanied by a warm "duck sauce" to which had been added orange and spices.
Our four main courses, again too much, were a plate of pickled vegetables with shredded pork, the same chicken and mushrooms as previously served the week before, an outstanding roasted barbecued duck which had been shredded with crisp vegetables; onions, celery, carrots, peppers etc in a brown slightly spicy and slightly sweet sauce, my favorite, and finally a lightly breaded "ginger beef" again with some Chinese veggies and a very light ginger sauce. A meal to die for, but we didn't.
I don't know what made the type change, maybe it got as excited as we.
Remember I am not a food critic, only a reporter, so I may be taking slight licence with some of the ingredients in some or all of the dishes.
The OW is not cheap, and being a regular I tip well, but the pricing for two exquisite meals was: the first $29 each and the second feast $50 each including "Bombay" and beer.

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