Saturday, December 5, 2009


I know that Hamburgers are one of the quintessential foods associated with the USA, right along with Baked Beans, Mac and Cheese and Apple Pie. I like Hamburgers but because I am now an ancient and trying to ingest a reasonable amount of calories I usually choose something else, although not always something thinning.
That said I did have two Hamburgers during the last week at two quite different "joints", but more about that as we progress.
Monday night we drove to Kenwood for dinner at "Maggiano's" in the Kenwood shopping center. "Maggiano's", part of a chain, is known for very large portions and quite decent food and so we and the other couple decided to split orders, all billed as "half". After drinks, which we didn't split, we shared a Chopped Salad, Lobster Fettuccine, Ravioli stuffed with Veal and Mushrooms and a Seafood Cannelloni(diced crab and shrimp). The Fettuccine had a light butter and wine sauce while the Ravioli came with a Veal reduction and the Cannelloni a light Alfredo, one can see how diligently I am watching calories. The food was served hot and tastey and we all left satisfied.
Tuesday lunch, was also not a calorie saver. My friend and past secretary and I stoped by "Detroit Joe's" in Newport KY where we shared a "Whaler", a large deep friend piece of fish served on dark rye with sides of slaw and an appropriate sauce, either "cocktail or tarter". Not to spare the grease there is a large mound of potato chips. We also tried their "mock turtle soup" which in this instance was not up to par, too thin.
Tuesday came the first Hamburger. After a late Camp Nebagamon Reunion, Marilyn and I went with two of the camp directors, from Boise ID, to "Terry's Turf Club", Eastern Ave, Cincinnati. We have been devotees for several years but last year it received a review, in the Cincinnati paper, and has been impossible to get in easily from 5:30 to 9 PM. Luckily we arrived after 9:30 and had our choice of tables. After beer and peanuts, shells go on the floor, and a visit with the server, who pulled up a chair, we all ordered Hamburger's and "well done" French Fries. My burger was topped with banana peppers, grilled onions and a potabello mushrooms, one of the less exotic combinations. I believe "Terry's" does a great job and is certainly my favorite "Burger Joint".
Wednesday I had a bowl of "Bison Chili" at "Virgil's" 710 Fairfield Ave, Belleview KY 859-491-3287 for lunch and went to dinner at "Honey" Hamilton Ave in Northside. Shoshanna Haffner, the chef, is one of the most iteresting and original in our area. She must stay up nights dreaming up combinations of flavors, which almost always work. I wish "Honey" had regular Bombay but I am forced to suffer with "Sapphire" or go without, unthinkable. For my main course I chose Broiled Red Snapper accompanied with pan sauteed oysters and served on a savory bread pudding all bathed in a tomato broth. The food was delicious although I would have liked a little more "heft" than the broth provided but that might have covered some other flavors of the combination.
Thursday lunch was "Quatman's" Norwood, OH, just off Montgomery Road. A bar, meat market and Hamburger emporium. "Quatman's is neither long on abidance or accoutrement's. The burgers and fries come on paper plates with yellow mustard and ketchup in plastic squeeze bottles on the table. Not in real competition with "Terry's" but a true neighborhood establishment that has been around for years.
The last "eating out" was back at my club, "Otto's" Main St. in Covington. Shared a 1/2 price bottle of Chardonnay, very good selection, and then ate "light" with a small tureen of their excellent Tomato Soup, a shared plate of "fried green Tomato's and a large piece of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese and bacon crumbles. A fitting prelude to several nights of home cooking with some stress on cutting consumption.

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