Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Several people have referred to this Blog as a restaurant review. To recap, what I have always said, I report on where I go, what I eat and my reaction, if any. I don't try to comparatively rate or even cover all aspects, such as ambiance, food preparation, ingredients etc. of my experiences or place of dinning. It's just one persons report on activities, mostly centered around food and "eating out".
Quite a bit of activity since last posting has been either private parties or meals here.
We were included in a very nice Birthday dinner celebrating one of our friends major birthdays, of course at our age they all are. A chef from the Cincinnati convention center prepared the meal, for about 30 of us, which centered on beef tenderloin. This he served with excellent cous-cous, mixed with chopped apples and dried cranberries and a platter of roasted vegetables. His extremely light, wonderful meringues served with creme-fresh and fresh strawberries finished a lovely dinner.
Not to be out done, the following week I fixed a large amount of brazed, beef, short ribs and root vegetables. I have been asked for the recipe but since I cook without one all I can do, when asked, is send a list of the ingredients and leave it up to the individual, to take it from there. The amount ended up serving almost 12 people, at three different sittings. The process of preparing takes, from start to finish, almost 6 hours and so it is not for the faint of heart or the heavily committed, family or work, oriented person. Also I consider it a "cold weather dish". Marilyn contributed Grapefruit and Grape Jelly another family passed down, side.
Our one major excursion was the "The Summit", the restaurant at Cincinnati State. We went to celebrate our daughters 54th Birthday and it was strictly a family affair. Their menu and presentation are both interesting; and I was somewhat surprised this time to see "Pot Roast" and Turkey as 2 of the 6 entrees. Several of our party had rack of lamb, two chops, while our daughter had "red snapper" pieces in a stone bowl fixed oriental style. I chose Fettuccine with mushrooms and Brussels sprouts, in a light cream sauce with specs of truffles. For an appetizer I chose a smoked trout and beet combination. This was very interesting with the beets chopped and marinated ant the trout served in several different forms, mouse, chopped and a spread all on a firm horseradish soft crust. A treat entirely new to me. The meal was all first class and the service, while not speedy, is certainly attentive. I was please to see the there were a numbers of filled tables so that obviously "The Summit" is serving it's purpose as a training ground for culinary students.
During the past few days I have had several lunches and one other dinner,out, all at regular spots, "Oriental Wok", "Pelican's Reef" and "Coldstream Country Club"
Sunday morning I did go to "Otto's" where I fixed scrambled eggs and onions for the owners family and the restaurants staff. I took along pecan roles from "Shadeau Bread" which I feel are by far the best in the city.

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