Thursday, December 24, 2009

Local 127

This is not an easy report. The food and service were first class but several problems existed which took away some of the shine. I'll just report what happened and my reaction.
Tuesday evening, along with two friends we went to "Local 127" 127 W. 4th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202-Phone 513-721-1345. The location was previously "Jan Robert's at Pigal's".
The decor has changed slightly, from it's previous incarnation, but the feel of the room is about the same, even though one enters from the former cocktail lounge entrance.
Our friends were at the bar and the meeting was awkward as the passage way is narrow and the hostess, new for the night, was in conversation with another patron. Eventually she recognized us and after a pause asked us if we, four, would like to be seated. Marilyn asked if there was a coat room and the hostess replied that she would take our coats, but not until she had shown us to the table. We had already waited for the one Valet, who was away parking a car, so that we could pay the $7. At this point the evening had had a rocky start.
Our pleasant server, in Jeans and a long black apron, took a few minutes to arrive and after explaining the mission of the restaurant and it's "water policy" asked for our drink order. I was mildly surprised when she told me the only Bombay, my drink, was the Sapphire. This is a trend that I find annoying, almost as much as my "small pour".
The menu is divided into sections, first courses, small plates and entrees. Pricing is moderate to high. Our server was well versed and explained fully in answer to our inquiries. I chose a roasted beet salad ($9), as did another in our party. There were both red and yellow beets, quartered or eighth on a bed of wiped goat cheese and topped with some shaved Prosciutto. I followed with a Bison Rib eye($28) served on mashed potato's, which I asked to be left off, and topped with a black olive tapenade and a few shavings of Parmigiano and french fried onion bits. A very taste preparation. Marilyn had a "grass fed" chopped beef burger ($14) accompanied with thin cut french fries. The other man had "Chicken 2 ways", roasted chicken Brest on a chicken colis while his companion also had the "Burger", she had started with a yellow squash soup.
For desert with split a "deconstructed apple pie"($10), excellent baked apple pieces, glazed and served on a mix of crumbled pie crust and granola. With Marilyn's "decaf" came a plate of small "in house" baked chocolate chip cookies.
With my rib eye I had a glass of Rhone, served in a "one size fits all" wine glass. When I asked about a red wine glass I was informed that they only had very good red wine glasses which were reserved for bottles over $100. I hope they were kidding.
The pleasant manager asked for suggestions and as usual I didn't hesitate.
Besides her interest there were several other very pleasant touches. Marilyn did not order a "small plate" as the three of us had but the server brought her a demi-tass of soup while we enjoyed our starter. We also were served an "amuse bushe" of an excellent mushroom risotto.
I imagine that we will return but I hope some of the annoyances the next time are missing. The food is the main draw and it was uniformly good and interesting.

The night before we were at "Brio Tuscan Grille" at Newport on the Levee, 859-431-0900. As I have reported before this is a first class chain restaurant built around and Italian menu and theme. I find it well run with good food and service and can only compliment management. After "Regular" Bombay I chose Shrimp and Lobster Fettuccine in a spicy butter sauce. I asked for Capellini instead of the fettuccine, which was no problem for the server or the kitchen. The butter sauce was a little thick, to my taste, but a few red pepper flakes and some scallion pieces gave it a pleasant tang. I was also pleased to find several pieces of recognizable lobster meat. Marilyn had her usual Cranberry Juice cocktail, Pasta Bolognese and coffee and our total bill came to $48 including tax but not gratuity. The comparison, this this meal vs "Germano's", last Friday, easily come down on the side of "Brio's"
And now to wait up to see if Santa Claus brings more chocolate chip cookies to go along with those already deleived by neighbors.

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