Saturday, February 6, 2010

A different View

This week has been a big one. We have been out for dinner every night in the last 4. Now at least we'll get a little break. We hit 2 regulars, one absolutely new and one we haven't been to in at least 3 years. Here is the report.
Tuesday night was "Bonefish Grill" Edwards and Madison Rd in Hyde Park. We tried to "go light" as we knew we had a big week ahead. I am very fond of their Bonefish salad, especially the citrus vinaigrette, so I started with than and followed with the "Bang-Bang" Shrimp Tacos served with the house made chips. The chips are fairly heavy in salt and I'll try to remember to ask that they leave that off the next time. I washed this all down with and Amstel Lite. Marilyn had fish and chips and brought part home.
Wednesday on the way to the Ensemble Theatre we stoped, with a friend, at "Maribelle's Tavern" 2062 Eastern Ave. 45202, 513-861-2484. Dinning is upstairs and when we arrive at 6 we were the only occupants in the dinning area. Later others joined us including one fairly large party. After the Bombay, a nice pour, Marilyn and I decided to split the "special", Pan Seared Pork Loin served on grits and oven browned Cauliflower. Along with this came one side and we chose roasted Brussels Sprouts the sauce of which included chopped walnuts, mushrooms and onion. I will probably try to duplicate this at home. There was plenty of food and it was an interesting meal. We easily made it out for a 7:30 curtain.

The next night was a new experience at a restaurant which had been open two days. Don't count this as a review but rather as a report on a beginning effort. "The View" 2200 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45206, 513-751-8439 is the newest venture of Gay and Harry Stephens who operate "Bella Luna" on Eastern Ave. They are the 3rd or 4th operators to try their hand at this spot. The concept, to me, seemed a little fuzzy but as the waiter and Gay explained they are trying to serve a fairly standard menu, "with a twist". It is essential that one reads the details on the menu. Marilyn and I came from an opening at the Taft Museum, which is always accompanied by interesting, delicious food, and so once again I started with the premise of not eating a whole meal. We were with 3 other friends and so we got to see an assortment of their offerings. I started with the usual Bombay, a nice pour, and followed with a second, which was minuscule. Our sever, who was very attentive, noticed my displeasure and when he asked I know that he consulted with Gay and very shortly she brought a good sized 2nd drink, they know their business.
For dinner I had a shared helping of a "seared iceberg lettuce wedge" with bacon strips and a rich mayonnaise blue cheese dressing. Those of us who chose this agreed the the searing did not enhance the salad. Next came a shrimp cocktail. I had not read the small print and was surprised when it was a taste shrimp salad in the same type dressing as the salad minus the blue cheese. I followed with a ramekin of macaroni and cheese. I had read the description which spoke of crab, two kinds of cheese, a sharp white and a yellow cheddar and truffles. The dish came nice and hot but to my taste I could find not the crab, the sharp cheddar nor the truffles. Gail explained that they use truffle oil, and I may have missed that.
Marilyn had the Lamb Ragout, a shredded lamb in tomato sauce served on penne pasta and a medium sized house salad, which comes with most entrees. Others in our party had bison steak, grilled pork tenderloin and an other pasta dish. We all shared a cheese cake with an orange marmelade topping. Our tab, before gratuity was $66. We will try again.

Last night, with another couple we went to "Beluga" Edwards Road just off Hyde Park Square. It had begun to snow and I sure that cut down on the crowd. When we arrived we were the only party in the main dinning room, although others joined us as the evening progressed, and our attentive and knowledgeable server asked if we would like the lights raised, a help to older eyes in reading the menu and a nice gesture. Again Bombay and then a division of two of their custom made "rolls". One with soft shelled crabs and the other with Bar-B-Qed and spicy tuna. Marilyn had an orders of excellent Asia Pork Ribs and a vegetable spring roll. Other rolls for the other guest make a delicious past around evening. I had a large Kirin beer to go along with the slightly salty, nicely seasoned food. We all split the check, as we had the food and once again before gratuity it came to slight under $60 for the two of us. Good food, good service and a fun evening.

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