Monday, February 8, 2010


I was cleaning off my desk this morning and came across a couple of notes I though might be worth while posting. Although not really a lot of restaurant reporting they do tie in with my food feelings.

A while back before one of our dinners at the "Oriental Wok" at the Regency, Guy, the chef and our friend, asked if we would like to start with some hors d'oeuvres? We of course answered in the affirmative, expecting egg roles, pot stickers and the like. To our surprise, and pleasure, he brought us each a small plate containing 3 items, untasted by us previously. The first, "white chicken", his name not ours, consisted of silver dollar sized medallions of poached chicken breast topped with shredded scallions and ginger marinated in a salt and oil marinade. Next was a steamed Chinese dumpling stuffed with Bar-B-Q'd shredded pork, the pork in an appropriate sauce and lastly a Taro Root Puree, seasoned beautifully, which had been rolled in crushed egg role wrappers and flash fried. The surprise was only topped by the wonderful flavors.

On the advice of a friend, who is "into wine" I made a special stop at Trader Joe's, Kenwood, and introduced myself to the head of the wine department. Our friend had told me that TJ's often make special buys and if they are on hand the wine is a worth while buy, at their price point. This trip yielded a very decent Chardonnay at $4.99. Nothing for a fine gourmet dinner but very acceptable for light food or as what I call "ice-box" wine, when someone stopping by wants a glass. It may turn out to be a very good connection.

Lastly I bought a large bag of Brussels Sprouts on my last visit to Costco, about $4. I think it is two to two and a half pounds. After cleaning I "par" cook in a steamer, 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the volume and throw them into the freezer. This way I have made my own frozen vegetable for further preparation. Thawing from our freezer takes at least a half a day. I have done this several times. I like Brussels Sprouts and have used then in "home-made" beef vegetable soap, mixed in a black cast iron skillet(for ambiance) with cut cherry tomatoes and sauteed with a "spicy sauce" of my making and lastly again in the cast iron skillet with sauteed onions, mushroom slices, nuts and a sauce of Worcestershire, Maple syrup, mild taco sauce and herbs. Following my recipes is an adventure, as is reading this Blog

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