Saturday, February 12, 2011

Disenting opinions

Usually I get no feed back from my postings, but two people thought the I was being unfair to "Jean Robert's Table" in my last posting, and voiced their complaint. The particular discussion focused on the Lamb Shank and I was accused of being to harsh and expecting too much.
Others who ate the dish, last Wednesday, argued that the shank was perfectly prepared, coming off the bone easily and that the accompaniment of polenta and spinach was most appropriate. They even reminded me that there was sufficient sauce.
One of the party, who had the lemon tart, said that I should have raved even more about this dessert.
Writing a Blog, or running a restaurant ends up with opinions that are very subjective, and often divergent. Lamb Shank lovers, don't unite, but go try it for yourselves.

A new bar, "Bag Pipes Irish Pub", has moved into the spot formerly "Redfish" at 700 Race St( corner of Race and 7th St) and opened about 2 weeks ago. Phone is 513-421-7468 and FAX, if you want to carry out, is 513-421-7471.
We went Thursday night with a younger couple( but most are) who live downtown. The population, that evening seemed mostly in their 30's and 40's and the noise level is at decibels which they can live with, but we find difficult. The bar and front room was quite active( noisy) with the clients imbibing and ordering some of the Irish Themed bar food. Bar prices are reasonable and food runs in the $10 to $15 dollar range for most dinner items. There are some nightly specials both in food and drink.
After my Bombay($6), again no onions, I followed with a cup of chili, good flavor and plenty of ground beef, and a salad of greens, goat cheese and pecan bits. Marilyn had Irish stew, which had the consistency of my chili, with several pieces of lamb or beef included. The other couple had a Ruben( which she deconstructed) and "Bangers and Mashed", which turned out to be two Bratwurst's on a mound of mashed potato's.
We all ate our dinners but none completely finished, what they were served( except for the cup of chili) and even though I am somewhat touchy, at the moment, I can say without too much fear of contradiction that the food is very ordinary.
If you like an active bar scene you may want to give the place a try.

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