Thursday, February 10, 2011


Our daughter has been in the hospital for two weeks. This has curtailed our eating out and the time available for postings. One thing that has happened, however, is that we have found a whole new group of professionals who are interested it the various dining places in the Cincinnati area.
Several new readers have commented that it would be easier if there were some sort of alphabetical way to find restaurants about which we Blog. Not being, in any way, computer literate I have to leave it up to someone with a lot more knowledge to give me some idea about how this could be accomplished.

So in the last 10 or 12 days where have we eaten out and what have we enjoyed:
"Jean Robert's Table" 713 Vine St., Cincinnati 513-621-4777. We were guests so the only comment I can have on the wine was that it was a Bordeaux and six of us went through several bottles. I paid the price afterwards. The "Bombay" came without cocktail onions so I may have to start carrying my own. For a first course I had excellent sweetbreads served on a mild blue cheese tart and covered with a plentifully veal reduction. The plate was decorated with sweet grape halves. The dish was terrific.
My Lamb Shank was plentiful and done nicely but really had nothing to differentiate it from those served elsewhere. It was plated on a bed of polenta, to which had been added a few mushroom pieces. Divided desserts were the lemon tart, wonderful, and a pleasant pumpkin moose and spice cake which unfortunately seem either slightly too chilled( the cake) or stale.

Todd Kelly, the Executive chef at the Netherlands Hilton, which includes Orchids, gave a cooking demonstration at "The Party Source" in Belleview KY (859) 291-4007. He is a delight and his food is always good and interesting. The evening we were present he made a wonderful salad of bitter greens, served with blue cheese Beignets( with local honey) and the greens in a vinaigrette were topped with a light almond brittle, absolutely outstanding. This was followed by Braised Short Ribs and Ricotta Gnudi. The short ribs were good, but I have invited Todd to try mine and the Gnudi seemed like a small dumpling in search of some filling. I have some nerve commenting like this on food from one of the best chefs in the area.
Dessert was Liquid Center Chocolate cake which by the time it was served had turned into a lovely most chocolate cake round. Three wines, a Chenin Blanc, Riesling and Carmenere topped off the evening. It is a wonderful event at only $55 per person. Fun, education and good food. Call "The Party Source"and get their calendar of events.

Two other evening, at chef owned and run establishments filled out our time. "Honey" in Northside served me beautiful grilled salmon on cauliflower puree and ala carte a very large side of roasted Brussels Sprouts and for Marilyn favorable short ribs over barley and mushrooms. There were enough Brussels Sprouts for us to trade large taste of each of the accompaniments. As a starter we single had large sized ravioli stuffed with golden squash in a very light butter and wine and cream sauce. Chef centered restaurants remain our favorites.
Staying with that theme we also enjoyed another trip to "Nectar" 1000 Delta Ave for a repeat of the Turner Farm calf's liver which we had enjoyed a few weeks ago at brunch there. This time the liver was accompanied by spinach, potato au grautine and a "gritz cake". Our appetite had been heightened by a small ramekin of superb cream of celery soup containing strips of tart firm apple. The meal was wonderful and it is only though the pressure of present circumstances that my weight has remained in bounds. Of course, having cocktails before these feasts have added more than a few "empty calories"

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