Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eating alone

Eating alone is subsisting. Eating with one companion or more is a social event enhanced by company and the chance to share and taste more dishes than you would ever consume on your own.
Obviously the more people, and the more sharing, the better, at least in my opinion.

Valentine weekend we ventured, with 2 other couples to "Cafe Mediterranean" in the Mall, just past "5 mile" at 7454 Beechmont Ave. Suite 300, Anderson Township, 513-232-2400. We found it lively and full, the first time we have seen it in that condition since we have been going their for our Turkish and other Mediterranean dishes. With six of us we could eat as one ofter does in other ethnic restaurants, sharing several items.
In the center of the table were placed Baba Ganoush, Shepard's Salad, Excellent Tabbouleh and a regular Greek Salad( to me the least interesting). They were accompanied by hot thick Pita and all made the rounds for several nice tastings. My favorites were the Tabbouleh and the Baba Ganoush. Marilyn and I both had the marinated and grilled chicken thighs, butterflied, off the bone and served with mixed vegetables( nothing to rave about) and rice. The thighs are tender, juicy and slightly peppery. Others had Sea Bass, worth a nice taste, Moussaka, Salmon and lamb kabobs. All items nicely done and plenty of food for all. Several of us had Turkish beer( EFFS) and a couple others had wine. We ended a very nice meal splitting a Pistachio Baklava. We still think they serve the best Mid-eastern food in the area.

Another venture to "LaPoste", our 4th or 5th, 3410 Teleford, Clifton, 513-281-3663 found us again splitting but this time only with another friend. As I have mentioned some of the help has deserted "Honey" and even thought the menu at La Poste" is not quite as extensive as "Honey" the food and service, on our visits, have been first class. our server, who had taken care of all 3 of us before, asked if we wanted out regular libations and when we answered in the affirmative my "Bombay" and Marilyn's Cranberry arrive promptly. House supplied roasted red pepper humus with pita points accompanied the drinks, and an order of "frites" with a mustard dipping sauce held us though our social drinking and conversation period. The kitchen sent each of us a seared scallop on Melba toast and a bed of greens, which may have been the "extra" for regulars that evening.(Good business, some places send a drink, others dessert, you get the point).
I chose the John Dory special, grilled with a strawberry sweet onion salsa and accompanied by bitter greens. Marilyn had her favorite Mushroom Ravioli, and one taste confirmed why, while the other member of our group had veal prepared in several fashions, including sweetbreads, hard for me to turn down a taste. All items were delicious and quite different.
We couldn't resist the warm cherry bread pudding covered with Carmel sauce and topped with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream, one of the best, and always filling, deserts in the area.

If you must eat alone, grab a burger and fries or an egg sandwich and save the real eating out till you have at least one companion and hopefully more.

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