Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mobile again

When I made the last posting, July 10 I had no idea how long it would be until we really started "eating out". Our surgeries are over and we are becoming mobile again. In the mean time we have rejoined Losantiville Country Club( LCC) so that name is bound to show up in our list of places. Since any Country Club is open just to members and their guest most of my comments, concerning LCC, will be restricted to interesting items, either food, or service, ambiance or pricing.

Tonight, with another couple, we went to one of the new "hot spots" that have opened recently.
" Tavola" 1220 Vine St. (OTR) Cincinnati, OH 513-246-0192 opened a little over two months ago. It is located in the "Gateway" section of "Over the Rhine"(OTR) in what is becoming an area for young people to eat and "bar hop". The ambiance is minimal, strait lines, a full bar and a Pizza oven, clean wooden tables with matching chairs but the food makes up for any minimalism by being innovative and flavorful.
We arrived about 5:40 PM and so were seated immediately. The place was almost a full by 6 PM, possibly a couple of 2 tops were empty.
The noise level is high and the service prompt, with dishes arriving as the kitchen dictates. They did bring the one or two appetizers before the Pizza.
Our group ordered a couple of draft beers, Bell's Oberon and a order of Sausage( homemade) Bacon Dates(4), in a slightly spicy tomato sauce. Another starter was Artichoke pesto Bruschetta. Both were very well prepared but not large portions. Three salads: cauliflower, wood roasted in a slightly thick lemon vinaigrette and 2 orders of grilled asparagus salad ended the cold portion of our, divided dinner. The Pizza(14 inch) was their #1 seller, fig jam + prosciutto + fontina + arugula, most interesting but slightly salty. The whole dinner was one of different flavors and textures and for me it was a fun experience. Price per couple $28 plus tip and tax. I will return.

Other spot was have visited are: "The Pelican's Reef", you know how I feel about them. Unusual items last Saturday; Brat sliders, made very tasty with just the right amount of sauerkraut and an excellent spicy mustard and an outstanding( my Grandchildren would say "awesome) roast veal rack, resulting in 7 lovely small chops. Who would expect wonderful veal chops at a "Key West" seafood bar.
LCC, with an outstanding "happy hour", cocktails less than soft drinks, and plentiful hors d'oeuvers certainly got my attention.
"Wild Ginger" where Marilyn sticks with the 3 flavor Walleye and I should too, unless I'm having sushi and "J. Alexander's"( Rookwood) where again Marilyn's regular "prime rib" sandwich is the way to go.

So now we're getting back on track and we'll see what interesting "places, dishes and things" we can dig up to compete with Guy Fieri.

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