Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Doctor/New Life-Style

This week I changed Cardiologists. I liked my previous one but his practice was bought out and his in-hospital work will only be in a somewhat distant location. Times have changed and so have I. To make the change was not difficult but the new doctor has a much different philosophy built on a holistic approach with much heavier stress on diet, exercise and especially a drastic( for me) reduction in Sodium. Therefore, I'm going to give a shot to a very low Sodium diet and see what happens. Already I have been able to cut some of my Blood Pressure Meds in half or more.
I wont stay home but my food choices may be quite different from people with no Blood Pressure problems or other heart concerns.

"Nectar" Restaurant 1000 Delta Ave 45208 is easy and a pleasure, why we don't go more I don't understand. Most of the food, which Julie Francis prepares is made from fresh, organic, fruits, vegetables and meats or fish and if one asks for, "no salt added" you can have pretty much your choice of all items on the menu. I began with one beautifully prepared shrimp fritter served with a fresh peach salsa and a streak of spicy sauce. Next came a bowel of "sweet corn" soup,( room temperature) very reminiscent of Vichyssoise but containing kernels of steamed sweet corn, finely chopped red onions and a few bits of chopped Italian parsley. It was light, sweet and refreshing and more filling than I imagined.
Luckily Marilyn shared the "summer salad". Chunked Heirloom tomato's, marinated onion pieces, celery and a few corn chips for crispness. My "main" was a starter sized Ahi Tuna Tarter covered with, again, chopped Tomatillos which accompanied the Tomatillos salsa and Wasabi creme fraiche. The platter had a few house made corn chips, with some salt topping which "pawned off" on others. I accompanied the food with a "Torrantes", light, crisp, Chilean wine, perfect drink with perfect food. The table shared 2 desserts, Panna Cotta and a fresh peach tart tatin and I concentrated on the latter which had an accompaniment of Pistachio Gelato( I'm pretty sure that this wasn't on my diet, but virtue and health have to stop somewhere).

Last night, I really did behave. At "Trio's Bistro" in Kenwood, 7565 Kenwood Road 513-984-1905 I started with a house chopped salad, dressed with nothing but olive oil and balsamic vinegar and followed with a pan seared wonderful, fresh piece of Salmon, sauce( yogurt and cucumber) on the side. The salmon was perched on a bed of orzo which contained fresh mushrooms, spinach and cooked red onion slivers. There was a very small amout of cheese, but not of any consequence or saltiness( what virtue). I had a glass of Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, just to make my table mates, who had ordered a bottle, fell right at home. Of course the wine did not diminish the dinner in any way. Not stuffed, but happy, I went off to the movie, down the street. Marilyn had the Cesar salad and Lemon chicken, an attractive dish in it own right. She, of course, join the group for the movie.

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