Sunday, September 11, 2011


After "Cafe Mediterranean" at 5 mile and Beechmont closed I wondered why and would there be a place, as good for Turkish and Mid-Easter food? Then I heard that some of the people and owners had moved and opened a new restaurant, "Sultans Mediterranean Cuisine" 7305 Tyler Corners Place, West Chester( or beyond) 513-847-1535. We went Friday evening and I was not disappointed, although as I have said many times("if I want to go to Columbus for a meal I'll do that"). The last statement is unfair and only implies that it is a long haul for us inner city folk. Northern inhabitants will find the location much more convenient.
The new location is near a mid-east shopping center and just beyond a US Bank branch. Use exit 22 from I-75 North. The decor is a little more upscale that the former but the food and service are just as good and the portions are plentiful.
Marilyn and I split the Shish Kebab, each receiving 3 good sized pieces of well marinated, and beautifully grilled lamb; and an order of what is billed as "chicken steak", de-boned chicken thighs also marinated and well grilled( 1/1/2 each) this is served with rice pilaf and small salad of crisp lettuce, carrots, onions and celery. Earlier we had shared a full portion of Shepherd Salad, lots of cucumber, tomato, sweet onion. and Italian parsley, with an oil and lemon juice marinade. I added a dark Turkish beer while Marilyn had her usual de-cafe.
The dinner was great, filling and came at just the right tempo.

Earlier in the week we had returned to "Enoteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road 45208 (513) 834-5773. This was our second visit and and we enjoyed the "Italian wine bar", just as much as the first. The food, service and wines( all Italian) remain first class. That evening there were 5 and so we split most items.
We started with "Cheesy Bread( Formaggio) which couldn't have been better. A warm loaf of crisp, outside, Italian Bread, while soft and cheese covered on the inside of each slice( I could make a meal of the loaf and some wine); deviled eggs( 3 different toppings), stuffed figs( wrapped in pancetta) in a spicy tomato sauce. excellent grilled cauliflower, overly salted and spiced clams( a substitiue that evening for Cockles) and wonderful mushroom and cheese filled ravioli. The finish, for the table, was an order of Ricotta Fritters and a ramekin of Peach and Strawberry cobbler. Once again I had wine and Marilyn de-cafe. The place is a joy.

Before the Ensemble Theatre a return visit to "A Tavola Pizza" 1220 Vine St. 513-246-0192. To me it is very noisy and not a place to linger. Food comes out as it is prepared and the check is presented promptly.
There 3 of us enjoyed bacon wrapped dates( stuffed with sausage) Eggplant sliders( small soft buns with deep fried eggplant slices and fresh tomato with an ample pesto sauce). A cold cauliflower salad, Margarita Pizza( cheese, sliced fresh tomato's and basil) and a larger sweeter peach cobbler than Emilia. My drink of the evening was Bell's Oberon as wonderful Michigan beer.

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