Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boston and return

To finish up our Eastern trip I'll pick up later on the day we arrived. As I last wrote we met up with additional family members for lunch at "Legal Seafood" after which we checked in to our Motel and spent time with two of our 4 Granddaughters who are current eastern residents.
A short recap: we have 5 Grandchildren working or studying in the East. None reside there permanently. Four are Granddaughters and one is a Grandson. The Grandson (Jason) currently is in VA working with the Tim Kaine election group( he will return to Harvard, after the election). The other worker is our second eldest Granddaughter (Kathryn) who is working in Wellesley for a consulting firm. The other 3 Granddaughters are all students, a Sr. at Vassar( Lilly) and 2 freshman in Boston( Harvard-Nicole and Emerson-Raina).

Our first night our Wellesley worker guided Marilyn and me to one of Barbra Lynches restaurants, "B&G Oysters" 550 Tremont St. Boston,MA 02116 ( 12 different oysters on the menu). She knew of my love for Lobster rolls and had decided "this was the place". We were not disappointed. "B&G Oyster" is slightly below street level and is a narrow seafood house that looks like a narrow seafood house should look. Long Granite counter, with seats and across and isle tables that seat 2 or 4. The kitchen is in the front or rear, depending on ones orientation. The food is terrific. Kathryn( our Granddaughter) and I each had the Lobster Rolls while Marilyn had a BLT with Lobster. We had started the meal with Deviled Eggs topped with Jonah crab( smooth and tasty).
The Lobster rolls contain over a pound of fresh lobster meat, claw, tail and all, hardly held together with a very light sauce. The plate also contains a large mound of excellently fried, thin, French Fries, cole slaw and home cured bread and butter pickles ($28 for the whole thing). The BLT has slightly less lobster but all the ingredients are perfect and comes with all the same sides, at the same price. The dinner called for a beer and that was my beverage. For dessert the three of us split a Chocolate Mouse infused with "Heath Bar" Crunch. What a perfect welcome to Boston.

The next day Marilyn and I relived her students days at Simmons College. The school has expanded, from one building to five, but it remains an all women college in its undergraduate department.
Next a visit to the "Isabelle Gardner Museum", old building like the "Alhambra", new addition, all glass on several planes. Lunch at "Cafe G" in the Museum with decent food in bright surroundings.
In the afternoon we toured the area and the met 2 Granddaughters on Newbury Street ( shopping) and spent a warm Autumn afternoon together.
That evening 5 of us met at Kathryn's apartment before meeting, Nichol our other granddaughter at "Olean" 134 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139, not easy to find for a neophyte driver in the Boston area.
The 4 girls had all agreed that this was where they wanted to go and that decision was a good one. The menu is extensive and we did our best at sampling as many dishes as would fit on our table. The restaurant theme is Mid-Eastern and some of the food we consumed is here listed: Spinach Felafel's( outstanding, moist and flavorful) Kale Salad including Apples, Almonds, Radish and herb dressing( Terrific) a new item for me but the taste and crunch will bring me back. "Sultans Delight( Tamarind Glazed beef ribs) Trout Spanakopita( a large trout fillet with all the Spanakopita treatment- philo dough, spinach, soft cheese sauce etc) Sword Fish with fresh tomato's and crumbed herbs, Tamarack Tunis Lamb( carpaccio with a kick).
After listening to everyone order, multiple dishes of various items, I wisely asked for an extra plate and had more than I could consume. Kathryn and I split a 1/2 bottle of wine( Gruner Vetlimer) and the whole table tackled dessert, Turkish Style Profiteroles- Carmel Cream, inside, topped with Caramelized Cashews and Chocolate sauce. Believe Nicole, the thinest ate the most. The chatter was as good as the food, both of which to Grandpartents were wonderful.

We headed home the next day and ate on the road at "RRR Roadhouse" in Clarion PA, recommended for proximity to the Hampton Inn and $4 Bombay's and also at "Cracker Barrel" on Wednesday( pot pie day).
Picked up some items at Costco, including chicken salad, and got home to Cincinnati late on the second day.

There are many of you who are extremely familiar with all kinds of electronic devises for communication. I would only say that most of the places we eat are on "the web" with their own pages which include pictures, menus and addresses and contact info. I'll keep posting but these restaurant web pages give you info and views which I will not duplicate.

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