Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Typical New York Restaurant

I have been traveling to New York City since 1939. I have heard, and read, about a "typical" New York Restaurant, since then. I can only assume that people refer to a narrow, long, often below street level spot that exists with chef prepaired food and a crew of seasoned, professional servers. There are some of these but there are also just as many other spot to tempt the palate and the diner. In the last posting I wrote about "Shake Shack" and "North End Grill" neither of which could fit the "typical" category.

Our 3rd day started with a ride down 5th Ave. to 23rd St, and an adventure into "Eataly". If this spot is not familiar you have not been an up to date certifiable "foodie". "Eataly" is a combined Italian super market and food preparation( pasta, etc) and eating establishment. It has everything from books to Barolo and counters and tables serving, snacks, pasta, meat, sea food and various drinks. An Italian food praidise the brain child of Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. It has been open 2 years and is a true "destination". We only ingested "samples" and so there will be no food report, in this posting.
A stroll up to the J.P. Morgan Library and gallery brought us to a wonderful showing of Josef Albers Paintings on paper. That plus one other exhibit prepared us for lunch at the "Oyster House at Grand Central" Another "non typical" eating estabilishment. The "Oyster House" has been in business, on the main concourse level, from the 1930's and serves approx. 6000 customers a day with a staff of about 600.
We ate at the counter, although there are two large dining rooms, along with about 100 others who were present at 1:15 PM. I had a bowl of oyster stew while Marilyn chose the fish sandwich with a side of excellent cole slaw. Due to the volume one can always be sure of fresh seafood, well prepared and served.
On to Saks Fifth Ave. and "finer stores everywhere" before returning home to clean up and rest.

That night the two of us were on our own. We have found at small "typical" Italian restaurant at 81st and 2nd Ave. "Sandro's " 306 East 81st, yellow awning over the doorway, (212)-288-7374 is named for it's chef and owner Sandro Fioriti. Sandro is wider than the aisle that runs down the middle, and makes it his habit of stopping by each table, in his apron and pajama pants, to make sure the everything is "all right". He is a genial host and exceptional site. Go to Goggle for info on the restaurant and the chef.
There is a printed menu but the many specials, for the evening, are the way to go.
After our usual libations we started our meal by splitting a "special salad"; sliced fresh tomato's, extra thin, marinated, green beans(haricots verts) and a perfectly prepared potato all drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Taste, color, combination a perfection.
For her main course Marilyn ordered veal "Scaloppine Limon" a large plate with beautifully thin pieces of tender veal in a light lemon sauce with an accompanying mound of "angle hair" pasta, lightly herbed.
I chose a "special" of crimini Fettuccine, the slender mushrooms were infused in the dough, covered with a Wild Boar Ragu, seventh heaven. Not only delicious but to me adventurous. I forced myself to accompany this dish with a glass of fine Italian wine( Aglianico). Sandro sent a couple "after dinner drinks" and the walk home in the cool autumn air was a good antidote.

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