Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pub Food

What is "Pub Food"? Is it a "Zippburger" from " Zips Cafe" 1036 Delta Ave in Mt. Lookout Square? Phone 513-871-9876, a place that has been in business well over 50 years.
Is it a grilled Grouper Sandwich from the "Oakley Pub and Grill" 3924 Isabella Ave. Oakley (513-531-2500) which incidentally is excellent.
Or is it instead a fairly full menu from "Keystone Bar & Grill", Erie Ave. East Hyde Park ( 513-531-2500)?
As far as I can tell there is no definitive answer or limit as to what comes under this title; it's sort of like the Supreme Court Justice who, when discussing a definition of pornography is reported to have said,"I can't really define it but I defiantly know when I have seen it". I don't mean to imply that any of the fore mentioned places are pornographic or titillating.

To me "Zips is an old time Hamburger joint, with an acceptable burger and a wonderful mix of customers from young families to old retirees. The "Oakley Pub" draws more on young and midlife couples and has a decide small, local, bar and grill feel, with some emphasis on the sport scene.

The "Keystone Bar and Grill is trying to cover more bases and is trying to build a business on regulars returning, not just to take advantage of the Monday and Tuesday half priced "specials" or sit in nice weather in their spacious patio. The Monday "special", all day, is 10 or more combinations of "Mac and Cheese", while Tuesday it's the same half price, all day, Quesadillas of different fillings but all heavy on cheese.
On a recent Tuesday 3 of us went for dinner. The salad are quite large and easily serve 2 and in our case was stretched to three which serves as a small but ample side. We also ordered a side of "Keystone Chips", done in house, and accompanied with a bottle of their distinctive, tangy Bar-B-Q sauce.Three different Quesadillias, each order containing 4 good sized pieces and some Bell's Oberon, on draft completed a filling meal. But we didn't stop, and ordered a Mixed Berry Bread pudding, which came ward with a light sauce. Total cost for the 3 of us, including tax was $48.15.
One warning; servers, and ours was very attentive and accommodating work for tips, so just because you don't pay "full price" for any reason( specials, gift, event) don't penalize the people taking care of you. "Thanks" doesn't spend well at Kroger's.

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