Friday, August 24, 2007

All Gaul

We have been traveling for the last 15 days and over the next several weeks I will report on our activities, especially concentrating on the restaurant and food activities. Before I do I want to lay a couple of guidelines on my readers, mostly family.
As every first year Latin student learns, in his first reading lesson; "All Gaul is divided in three parts". I feel the same way about Wisconsin, where we spent at least 11 full days.
My divisions of the Badger State are: Northern, the territory from Eau Clair, Wausau and Green Bay north, Middle. Madison, Milwaukee and environs, although some would add more of the towns from Milwaukee to Green bay, around the lake and "Chicagoland", all the area south of Milwaukee and east of Beloit and Janesville.
Now that I have staked out my parameters I will tell you that my heart, as many of you know, is at Camp Nebagamon in Lake Nebagamon, WI about 25 miles Southeast of Superior.
I have been going there, off and on, for the past 67 years and the people, place and memories are very special to me.
Getting back to food most Wisconsin "dinning" is in the middle area and the the Norther area is mostly "eating", bars and lakeside road houses and taverns.
Starting in the next posting we'll get into more specifics about the past 15 days, with knife and fork in hand.

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