Monday, August 6, 2007

Walt's Hitching Post

Walt's Hitching Post, 3300 Madison Pike, Ft Wright, KY-859-331-0494 is our Bar-B-Que"Shack". I don't remember making reservations unless I wanted a special table or had a really big group, then I think it's helpful to the restaurant to let them know you are coming.
My order always seems to be the same: a Whole Slab, of excellent ribs, tossed salad with "house dressing"( tomato-garlic), adding crumbled blue cheese, which is extra, crisp home fried potatoes and adding onions, which are also extra and a beer. They place a basket of rye-bread, buttered and toasted plus corn sticks on the table and will gladly refill. That's a heavy, fatty meal with flavors full in every dish.
The "whole slab" is currently $18.50,including "sides" and is enough for anyone, probably 12 to 14 good sized ribs. Often there are ribs left over which make a good lunch the next day. The sauce is slightly sweet and tangy with cloves and other spices. I dip in both the ribs and potatoes and usually ask for some extra sauce of the side. The ribs are coated as they are wood roasted and people often eat them as they come.
Marilyn and I especially like the ribs which we find as good or better than those we find anywhere. We are not experts but have had ribs from Memphis, TN to Superior, WI with New York, Chicago, Georgia and Texas thrown in. What we like is that the ribs, at Walt's, are firm, meaty, not excessively fatty and cling to the bone, giving us a challenge and something to really "get our teeth into".
Walt's is reliable, relaxed and just plain easy and good. Eat with you fingers and wash your hands before you go and also afterwards, unless like our European Friends we have taken there you tackle everything with a knife and fork.
We're tried to get Danny Meyer there, with so far no luck. Go yourself and enjoy and help us pressure him.

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