Sunday, August 5, 2007

Primavista, revisited

Our trainer is Italian and for a time was a partner, and Manager, at Primavista( written about earlier). When he heard we were going Friday night he made strong recommendations as to what I should order, Marilyn always has the Veal Picata, and I followed his advise to the letter, with the exception that I passed on 2nd glass of wine.
We arrived for a 7 PM reservation on the dot. I'm neurotic about punctuality, among other things. After being promptly seated we waited for approximately 15 minutes with no sign of a server. At that point I asked the hostess if there was someone assigned to our table? She scurried off and in a minute or two returned to tell us that our assigned server was overburdened and she had change our table to someone else. Promptly a server and his trainee showed up, and from then on it was clear sailing. Besides the service "goof" the meal was perfect in every way.
The advice I had been given was to start with the "house salad" and follow with two appetizers. The salad is crisp and good size, although not huge. The two items which served as my main course were: Mozzarella Pomodoro and Italian Sausage in a Marsala Sauce. The first is a rolled mozzarella stuffed with pesto, pine nuts and minced fresh herbs. It is sliced into pin wheels and drizzled with virgin olive oil. The plate is garnished with fresh sliced tomatoes. It is light and tasty and has true Italian flavors. I, personally, am not a fan of Mozzarella as my taste runs to stronger cheeses but it is a good dish with a glass of Orviato of another Italian white. The sausage dish was another matter entirely. Fresh "home made" Italian Sausage is browned and then served with a Marsala sauce, that has been slightly reduced. It is poured over freshly sauteed mushroom slices and toast points, plus ,of course the sausage. Unbelievable! The sausage is slightly sweet and slightly spicy while the sauce has a strong Marsala flavor, but not enough to drowned the mushrooms. A true taste of Itally on a hill top in Cincinnati. A Chianti is recommended.
This Sausage dish was not on the regular menu, however, the floor manager, who stoped by our table, told me that they are happy to fix it for anyone who makes the request. He also said if they have the ingredients in the kitchen they would fix whatever a guest ordered. Now that is a way to run a first class restaurant, which Primavista is, in my opinion.
The others has Veal, and too different Raviolis, or Ravioli, which ever is correct. One cheese and the other spinach. Both served with separate sauces. Three of us stared with the salad and one with Wedding Soup. In my mind the Sausage dish stole the evening.

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