Monday, August 27, 2007

Up North

After posting a definition of Northern Wisconsin, a couple of days ago, here I go expanding my own geographic boundaries. I'll include, in the following, a spot about 25 miles south of Eau Clair as the restaurant also has branched north. Follows, comments about 3 places we ate, besides Camp Nebagamon on our recent excursion. Incidentally the food at camp, where they serve over 1000 meals a day is first rate, thanks to Ann Rowe and her wonderful staff.
Dawn Simons, a past food critic for Cincinnati Magazine, in one of her books,"Best Food in Town. comments on the Anchor Bar in Superior. That's how I knew Dawn and my tastes were aligned.
The Anchor Bar, 413 Tower Ave, Superior WI is just what the name implies. A true bar with tables and a few electronic games and many great lakes mementos. It is properly dark and some what smokey and you would be laughed out if you asked for a reservation or to pay with a credit card. They also happen to have the best hamburgers and fries that I get anywhere. They list about 15 different burgers including plain, cheese, cashew, Ruben etc and a couple of plain sandwiches for those demented enough to go there and order those. The "french fries" are equally good and not cut from the whole, chilled potatoes until ordered. Order the FF anyway you want but you get them just the way the kitchen decides to put them on you paper plate, usually on the crisp side. If you want to read what Dawn has to say you will find it on page 159 of her book.
On nights at camp when the dinning hall is closed, you would need a good scrubbing weekly if you were trample by 300 teenagers per meal daily, we usually go looking for pan fried Walleye. Our favorite spots are "The White Birch" in Solan Springs or the Pickwick, in downtown Duluth, the most expensive of the 3 or the lakeside tavern on Fish Lake, north of the Duluth Airport, all of which are quite good. This visit we got,steered, by friends, to Miller's Deep Lake Lodge in Iron River. I'm not going to give you details for if your in the general area go to one of the other 3 mentioned. We had Walleye, deep fried, salad and one of the several kinds of "house potatoes". To my taste the Walleye lost everything by the very "deep frying". Look for Walleye "pan fried" not deep. Good fishing and hunting and let me know where you find delicious Walleye.
After leaving Camp and on our way to Chicago we stoped at the "Norske Nook" in Osseo. There are branches also in Hayward and Rice Lake, all in the original boundaries. The Norska Nook was first written about in Jane and Micheal Stern's original "Road Food" book. Dawn Simons also writes about it in the book mentioned above. The Restaurant and Bakery have a decided Norwegian flavor but is mainly know for their 28 varieties of pies, many of which are award wining. I usually go light and have pie plus ice cream,if it is a strait fruit pie. This day one of the specials was fried smelts with french fries and slaw. I succumbed and was treated to more that I could eat. The smelts were deep fried but light and sweet while the french fries made me forget The AnchorBar and that is saying a lot. The slaw was also much to my liking. Much to heavy a lunch but delicious. Luckily dinner in Chicago was scheduled quite late so I was back in the mood, as though I am ever out, at meal time.
Now your up to date on Wisconsin this summer.
I apologise for this article as my computer is acting up and I don't know what I hit that makes words run together and cancel the next letter. I'll publish and call my teacher but I am indeed sorry. You'll just have to get the idea and excuse spelling and sintext. I may have found the trouble, thanks to my grue but I'll let the statement stand to cover many sins I make in writing.

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