Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bits and Bites

I haven't tried many new places, in the last couple of weeks, or had meals that were really special, with a couple of exceptions. That doesn't mean I haven't eaten out. I have been doing a little more cooking and we have been eating at home because it was just easier that way.
Here are a few spots that have keep me from having to eat only my cooking, which isn't bad:
Lunch at "Asiana Restaurant" 3922 Edwards Road..Cincinnati 45209-513-351-0999. This small family run Thai and Sushi restaurant has caught my eye, as I rode by many times. It wasn't till yesterday that a friend and I stoped in for lunch. "Asiana" is one of many Asian restaurants that have populated the Hyde Park area over the last 10 years. Whereas Clifton( "Curryville" to quote Marilyn Harris) is populated by Indian eating places we seem to have been the new settlement for Asian.
The lunch was nothing special. Acceptable but in no way outstanding. I had a "Bano Box" with spicy shrimp rolls, tuna rolls, salmon rolls and California rolls. More than enough food for anyone. I doubt though that it will gander a return visit.
On the other hand, "Wild Ginger" 3655 Edwards Road, Cincinnati 45208-513-533-9500. Stays first class and has grown in popularity. I went late one evening a week or more ago with a cousin, whose wife was in the hospital, for a hip replacement. My wife was four floors above, for a series of tests. It was natural that we would dine together. We managed to consume several large Japanese Beers( Kirin) along with a plate of "summer rolls" for an appetizer. We then split a Venus Roll( Lobster, seaweed salad and crab) and an order of 3 Flavored Walleye. A wonderful meal that filled us both. Again "Wild Ginger" is in Hyde Park and remains one of the best Thai and Sushi spots in town., in my estimation.
A surprise was "Sky Galley" at Lunken Airport, Wilmer Ave.-513-871-7400. We go often to this very relaxed eating place. Surely the best "airport restaurant" in the area. The surprise last week was a diner special of pasta with an excellent tomato vodka sauce. The chef had added some sauteed onions and mushrooms to the sauces preparation and served the pasta either plain or with a choice of shrimp, salmon or chicken. I chose the salmon while Marilyn had it plain and one of our companions had the shrimp. Our server, a bright young women, had brought us all a sample of the sauce and made 3 sales for her effort. It was a wonderful meal.
Last night before the 'Ensamble Theatre" we had dinner with a friend at "Lavomatic Cafe and Wine Bar" 1211 Vine St.-513-621-1999. We often go there before the "Ensamble" as it is in the next block North on Vine. After my large "Bano Box" lunch I settled on a salad of Arugula, Grapefruit sections and fried Haloumi cheese( a little too salty for my taste) and a Tarte Flambee with is an individual Pizza with sauteed onions and dried, black figs on a very tastee thin crust. It was the correct amount for a medium weight dinner for a not medium weight person.
Tonight we're off to meet a young widow friend and her 5 year old, adorable twins at "Gordo's" in Norwood. More about that later.

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