Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oriental Wok

Mike Wong, and his family, have opened a new "Oriental Wok" in the Regency at the corner of Madison Road and Dana Ave. Phone-513-871-6888. Even if you don't like Chinese food, and they have a few non Chinese items on the menu, I encourage you to stop in and see what true hospitality, in the restaurant, business is all about.
This branch of "Oriental Wok" opened last week in the space previously occupied by the "Napa Grill" and the difference couldn't be more pronounced. The Wong's spent a great deal in decoration and Asia Art. The look is certainly "Chinese Restaurant" going back to the 1930's. Red, Gold, lacquer and flowers are everywhere. But it's not just the ambiance that is such a change it's the personnel, and that's what counts. The current employees are upscale, happy and pleased to be there and be of help and the Management wants to please.
Seven of us went for dinner last night. Saturday night at a new restaurant, open for only a couple of days, has to be somewhat hectic and our experience was no different. If there were any kinds of problems they were explained and rectified. The hostess explained that the kitchen would be a little slow, as they were flooded with guests. A couple of specific drinks were not available, yet, but good substitutes were found, and through it all everyone made us to feel we were a valued guest.
Three of us orders roast duck, which was excellent. The server returned to tell us they were out of the Duck, after which Mike came by and we told him we were disappointed. Immediately he said we would get the Duck. It turned out a few orders had been put aside for his personal use. He said to us, the customer comes first before the owner or staff. What more can one want?
We started with drinks and three appetizers, all of which were well prepared and served hot; pot sticker, egg roles and cheese and shrimp rolls. Besides the three orders of Duck we had some other standards, Chicken Chow Mein, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Glass Noodles with crab and shrimp and Triple Delight with fried rice. The food is is old fashioned and the service, as mentioned great so treat yourself to a night back in time and go the the "Oriental Wok" at the Regency.

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