Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Month end

For my few regular readers, who question why there hasn't been anything in a while here is a slight explanation. For some health reasons we have been going out a little less and almost entirely repeating place that have already been reported. Also I am still working, although not very diligently, on trying to loose a pound or two. Easier to do at home than out. That doesn't mean that we have suffered as the "grub" here "ain't bad".
Since last writing we have been to "Bonefish Grille", "Oriental Wok", twice, once lunch and once an open house, "Otto's" and "Walt's". Doesn't sound like we have suffered.
A couple of comment: I like "Bonefish", especially their "house" salad and always find something that I enjoy. As I mentioned they do a very good job for a chain restaurant. I had Salmon, which was good, but the next night, at home I fixed Artic Char, for myself, and decided I do just as good a job, as they, if not better.
The "Oriental Wok", which I reported, opened a new place in the "Regency". It is very convenient. I play bridge in that building and have started a regular table for lunch on Bridge Day( Friday). For lunch I had the "mini burgers" which were very good and filling but I have to remember to ask that things be prepared with a minimum of Sodium, they have a heavy hand otherwise. They will gladly comply. Last night they had an open house for their loyal Kentucky customers and they were nice enough to include us. We had other plans for the evening but not wanting to miss anything, especially if it is free, we stoped by on the way to meeting and eating at "Walt's" The Wong's, owners of the O.W., certainly don't skimp and we both filled a plate from the raw bar which served as a wonderful appetizer.
At "Walt's" I returned to the Bar-B-Qued Ribs and am glad I did. I had tried the Chicken Livers, the last time, and it it's good to be "back home" with the excellent ribs.
Saturday night "Paul Weckman" Chef and owner, of "Otto's" fixed my recipe, for brazed beef short ribs, entirely on his own. The first time he served them I had prepared them in my kitchen and all he had to do was reheat. The second time we fixed them on site and Saturday he soloed. They we very good, and as I told him the second best I have eaten. The only problem was that he made only 11 servings and so guests after 7 PM had none. "Otto's" was full.
I will be producing our "JP Ruben" Sandwich on Sunday April 5 at "Otto's" Drop by for Brunch.
See you in April.

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