Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday afternoon

I'm sitting here waiting for a projected storm and change in temperature. a drop from high 60's to the mid 30's. Great weather for the opening of the baseball season. I just returned from 5 hours at "Otto's" in Covington, KY where, as guest chef I produce my "southern Ruben sandwich". A dreamt up version of a sandwich I had in Atlanta over a year ago. The main stays are fried catfish and country ham; not on any one's health diet agenda.
We have been in and out since I last sat down to Post. Last Monday, as I reported it was "Walt's Hitching Post" and Bar-B-Q'ed ribs.
Tuesday an early dinner at "Floyd's" in Clifton on Calhoun St. "Floyd's" has been around for fifteen years or more and is roasted Chicken with a Mediterranean flair. Little has changed at this store front restaurant except the price, which started at $2.95 for a chicken dinner with 2 sides and has since risen to a more reasonable $13.95. It is remarkable that they didn't go out of business in the early stages. I usually skip the chicken and just order 2 or 3 sides. The best, in my opinion, is the fresh Tabbouleh, with more than a hint of lemon, served with warm pita.
Thursday was a musical theatre presentation, at CCM, with "Dinner by the Bite" following the performance. This is a yearly event to send the Senior Class off to showcase their talent for producers and booking agent in NYC. The dinner, usually a hastile, was surprisingly good and well handled this year. The beef tenderloin, marinated shrimp squires and stuffed Belgium endive being among my favorites, not to mention an excellent, bite sized, lemon tart, heavy on the lemon.
Last night before Symphony 4 of us went to "Rookwood" for a sandwich, beer and wonderful French fries. A large bowl, of the latter, for the table, is a nice touch, especially if ordered extra crispy. They are among the best fries around.
We'll see if the storm develops and what else happens in the next couple of days.

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