Monday, April 13, 2009


If spelling and guess work bother you read no further. I made an error last night in not asking for a menu so I am going to report with only a faulty memory and my usual poor spelling.
Our friend Marilyn Harris calls the Clifton area of Cincinnati, "Curry ville". If this be true, and I have no reason to doubt, it has been extended down Ludlow Ave, almost to the viaduct.
"Dusmesh Indian Restaurant" 944 Ludlow Ave, across from Cincinnati State, 45220-phone-513-221-8900, is the newest entry and a worthy one.
They opened last November and have received rave reviews in several papers. In our opinion the reviews are well deserved. We think it is the best of the many Indian restaurants in the area.
Last night, after a movie at the "Esquire" we drove "down the hill" for dinner. "Dusmesh" is open 7 days per week and serve a lunch buffet Monday thru Friday. They do not have a liquor licence so you are encouraged to bring your own beer or wine.
There were 4 of us and we split 3 dishes plus a salad and two Indian Breads, don't tell the Rabbis. Plenty of food.
We started with Fish Tiki. Excellent grilled Salmon cut in chunks and coated with Indian spices. The fish comes on a sizzling platter with a large amount of grilled sweet onions and green pepper slices. The veggies are taken off the grill and allowed to mix with the juice so they are delicious.
Next came a Califlower Nam and a Pikit(sp) or puffed fried whole wheat bread. Both great.
The two other main courses were Lamb Sang, chunks of lamb in creamed spinach, to which we asked that mushrooms be added, and Chicken Tiki Marcella, strips of chicken in a rich tomato, onion and butter sauce. Large platters of perfectly done rice accompanied the main courses. We also had one chopped salad of cucumber, onion and carrot, the spiciest thing we ordered. Spice amount runs from 0 to 6 and we settled on a one, since I am the only one of the 4 who likes spicy food. At one there is a taste of Indian spices but not much heat.
What sets "Dusmesh" above other Indian Restaurants is the freshness of the ingredients and the lightness and timeliness of their preparation. Also the service, from Maya, and attitude are true hospitality.
We were hosted to a small but delightful dessert of a golf ball sized fried cheese ball in a light warm honey syrup. A fitting ending for a wonderful meal. Total cost, including a proper tip, was approximately $15/person. One can't beat that.

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