Friday, April 10, 2009

On the way to Passover

Before we sat down to two large Passover meals I had to warm up with a few stops at regular or new haunts. I'll report on the home cooked holiday feasts shortly.
Monday night, with another couple, we went once again to "Pelican's Reef" on Beechmont Ave near 5 mile. Phone 513-232-2526, although they don't take reservations. Here is another owner operated spot with good, not exceptional, food and wonderful hospitality. Since they have expanded their space we have never had to wait more than 10 minutes, and that wait was on a weekend night.
I had Fried Oysters, with two kinds of dipping sauce, one cocktail and the other a wonderful, slightly sweet, curry and lime sauce. This latter is made in house and is delicious. Along with the Oysters I had a tossed salad, and theirs are quite large, and sweet potato fries. This called for a beer and "Sam Adams" came to my rescue. Marilyn had a very good grilled snapper while the others had a rolled sole, stuffed with shrimp and scallops. Not bad for a neighborhood seafood bar on a Monday night. Weekends there are always specials.
Tuesday was Asian day with lunch at "Mekong Thai Cuisine", 7687 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, 45236. I don't know where I had heard about Mekong but it was on my list. It is located in a small strip center, next to La Rosa, with one or two tables "up front" and approximately 8, 4 person booths adjacent. The menu is fairly extensive, the food good and reasonable, but the location for me, a city dweller, means that is fairly doubtful that I will return, unless someone in the vicinity wants to meet for lunch or dinner. No knock on Mekong but I live in the Thai belt of Cincinnati.
Tuesday evening found us once again at the "Oriental Wok" in The Regency. At least the 4th or 5th time since they opened a month ago. We were on our way to a 7 PM adult education class and this was easy, for us and our friends, and the service is always prompt. After the standard Bombay, this one accompanying a very good egg roll I chose Szechun Eggplant, vegetarian style. The serving was large enough that I took a good part home for lunch the next day. The eggplant was surrounded by other veggies and all was glazed with a semi sweet crust, interesting and good. The accompaniment was fried rice, well prepared but slightly salty for my taste. We arrived at 5:30 PM and made our class with no effort, even after several in attendance had an after dinner coffee. I'm afraid I am becoming a regular and my waist line shows it. Old fashioned Chinese-American food is not in any way thinning and sodium retains water, if you had any doubt.

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